Pure Vibracion – Love and Peace [Album]

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Pure Vibracion launched their very first album titled Love And Peace at the end January at Urbanatic, CapSquare (wasn’t free to cover it though). Yes I know it has been a while since the album has been released, but I have been too busy running around town covering events and meeting clients to actually sit down and review it. Much thanks to Bob of Laguna Records for passing me this CD (and I got it autographed by Joe and the crew as well!).

Their style of reggae is very much different compared to that of Republic of Brickfields, where Aru sings a lot like singing. In this album, Joe does sing as well, but in most songs, he does the other style of reggae, narrating style. One thing that makes Joe stand out is his airy voice, which makes him sound older and more mature.

This album weighs in at a near healthy 11 songs and the CD is an enhanced CD, with a music video in it with a couple of other extra information and photographs of the band.

Pure Vibracion - Love and Peace

Joe touches on a couple of things here, ranging from corruption, life, advice, love and well, girls. Personally, I feel that Joe is trying to imitate the ‘Jamaican accent’ (especially evident on track 2, Burning) too much, but it works out well anyway.

The album opens up, of course with the signature reggae guitar riffing (it really stands out) and you can get the rough idea of how the album is going to sound after listening to the first 2 songs. The album really only picks up in pace and tempo halfway into the album (that is if you are listening to the songs sequentially). 2 songs are in Bahasa Malaysia (track 3, Keroncong and 4, Pesan Nenek) and the rest are sung in English.

Joe - Pure Vibracion

Joe, during KAMI The Concert

Pesan Nenek is one of my favorite tracks (which is also popular among the crowds) in this album. The way Joe sings (or narrates) in this song is akin to the tone of advising. It then goes into the very easy to memorize and sing-along chorus which goes something like:

‘Apa nak dihiraukan, mata bulat, mata sepet,
kulit hitam, kuning langsat,
jalan lurus, jangat sesat,
pipit sama enggan
dah lama terbang bersama
ini kan kita manusia
mengapa bermasam muka’

Pure Vibracion - Love and Peace

Mi Gal, has already been up on the charts for a while and it is a very fun and danceable song. It just starts out faster paced (compared to other songs) and maintains its paced through until the end. Dance through the whole song!

The album slows down halfway during Lonely Mood, which well, feels lonely and slow. From there onwards, the album picks up in terms of sound, bass lines, instruments, and tempo. It gets you singing along and also moving your body automatically.

Another of my favorite track will be number 8, Gimme Love. This song contains all the good vibes, nice sing along chorus, and it’s very infectious. The next track, titled Love, has Liyana of Estrella singing along with Joe, and it sounds really nice with a lot of loving going, not too danceable, but plenty of swaying, definitely. Yes, man!

Liyana and Joe - Pure Vibracion

Liyana and Joe, during Rock The World 8

Miss Kinky Reggae is what I call the flag song. The reason? When Pure Vibracion plays live, Joe will appear with a flag (either a Malaysians for Peace blue flag, or their own Pure Vibracion one) when this song comes up. This song is really different from the rest of the songs on the album as it is really rap-ish.

Here’s some shots of him with the flag when he sings this song.

Joe - Pure Vibracion

Pure Vibracion

Souljah Boi is the last track on the album and the title reminds me of Soulja Boy (errr… heck…) but the song is nothing like Soulja Boy’s songs, so it’s all good.

It should be selling for around RM24.90 – RM29.90 and it’s well worth the purchase. Comes in a digipak (cardboard fold casing, not the jewel case type) and has a booklet with pictures and lyrics (memorize the lyrics and narrate it out with Joe while stuck in the traffic jam ya!). You definitely won’t miss it on the racks as it has some real fancy artwork on the front with the red, yellow and green color scheme.

The album is recorded at Greenhouse Studio and distributed by Laguna Music (which is the recording label Pure Vibracion is under).

Pure Vibracion - Love and Peace

PS: Pure Vibracion is an ambassador of the Malaysians for Peace initiative.


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  1. MAYA - October 14, 2009 / 12:56 pm

    hye…sy nk tny mn bleh dpt kn cd u all ye.coz abg sy cr kat area penang n kedah kata nye sy kat kl,mn tmpt yg bleh dpt?plz reply me asap since abg sy b’minat sgt2 dgn band u all…tq

  2. kenchill - October 17, 2009 / 12:56 am

    Hmm, not sure ttg area Penang/Kedah. Cuba visit dia org punye Myspace dan tanye?

  3. merbok - January 1, 2010 / 8:43 pm

    izal(adik)………dahsyat la bro…… dah jadi artis

  4. CabeleiraBR - February 11, 2010 / 3:31 am

    Please…this download this CD Love and Peace…
    Is very hard…roots music for all…reggae music forever.

  5. k!m! - March 20, 2010 / 6:55 pm

    go reggea go!!!


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