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Save The Marriage Ebook tent/uploads/2009/05/dsc07618.jpg”>Pure Vibracion - Love and Peace

Pure Vibracion launched their very first album titled Love And Peace at the end January at Urbanatic, CapSquare (wasn’t free to cover it though). Yes I know it has been a while since the album has been released, but I have been too busy running around town covering events and meeting clients to actually sit down and review it. Much thanks to Bob of Laguna Records for passing me this CD (and I got it autographed by Joe and the crew as well!).

Their style of reggae is very much different compared to that of Republic of Brickfields, where Aru sings a lot like singing. In this album, Joe does sing as well, but in most songs, he does the other style of reggae, narrating style. One thing that makes Joe stand out is his airy voice, which makes him sound older and more mature.

This album weighs in at a near healthy 11 songs and the CD is an enhanced CD, with a music video in it with a couple of other extra information and photographs of the band.

Pure Vibracion - Love and Peace

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