Show Off! Art Exhibition

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Show Off

During the last week of April, WL Fine Arts launched at art exhition called Show Off, where 12 artists showcased their art pieces at a small venue at Jalan Chantek, just beside La Salle school in Petaling Jaya.

The Venue


The exhibited artworks featured paintings (some futuristic, some abstract, some modern), photographic pieces, and also some hand crafted works. Everything was on sale that evening and prices were affordable to the casual art-lover.



Edwin Lee and his artwork

One of the pieces which caught my eye during the evening was Edwin Lee’s futuristic work of a female with straight lines extending out towards the edge. His other pieces were also done in a similar fashion, lines were dark gray/black and a splash of red made them look fantastic.

Another exciting piece by Edwin Lee

Edwin's Piece

Aaron Lam and his piece

Another piece that caught my eye was Aaron Lam’s painting of the crucifix. It was all done in grey shades with 2 faceless ‘angels’ beside the crucifix. The way he used the grey was unreal and added so much depth (and darkness) to the image.

Art by Aaron Lam

Piece by Aaron Lam

Sageena and her abstract art

Sageena with her abstract paintings

People started flowing in after 9pm and there was food and drinks for everyone (the curry was awesome).

Visitor browsing through

Visitors getting an explanation from the artist

The Artists

The Artists


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