May 2009


Laguna Music Series

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Laguna Music Series

Laguna Music are organising their very own ‘Laguna Music Series‘ and the first one will kick off at Urban Attic, Capsquare this coming Thursday, 4th June 2009. If you attend, you will be able to catch Pure Vibracion, SevenCollar T-Shirt, Forty Winks and Yuna live, all for free!

Yes, free is good. Oh and it starts from 9pm all the way till midnight.

And wake up up the next day for work.

For more information, head to


U.O.X. Play Future

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UOX Play Future

After six installments, dozens of performances from international and local music acts and thousands of U.O.X. Play members, the U.O.X. Play series is set to come to an end with a bang on Saturday, 30 May 2009 with the seventh and FINAL instalment, called U.O.X. Play Future.

The highly anticipated event, which will take place at the Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena from 7 pm onwards, will feature a stellar line-up of international and local performers such as world renowned DJ Steve Aoki, New York-based DJ Stretch Armstrong, Pase Rock from the U.S. and Sh*tDisco from Glasgow. Los Angeles based celebrity photographer, Mark ‘The Cobrasnake’ Hunter will also be in attendance during the event to take pictures of all the partygoers. Local acts such as Lap Sap and Twilight Action Girl will also be hitting the stage during the event.

The headliner for the event is award winning DJ Steve Aoki, an underground legend who will be spinning a blend of electro and indie rock. He has collaborated with some of the biggest names in hip-hop and R&B including Timbaland, Robin Thicke, Snoop Dogg and Lenny Kravitz. He is also the man behind DIM MAK who founded and released artistes such as Bloc Party, The Kills and The Klaxons.


I came across this while browsing through the zubedy website ( and I thought, heck, this is what we all Malaysian citizens really want.

We don’t really care whether it’s BN or PR ruling Perak, who the speaker is or what car they are driving. We just want to lead our normal daily lives, earn some cash, and read some more interesting articles in the newspapers instead of rubbish like someone being dragged out of a chair. At the end of the day, we need to to eat and feed our family.


Right click here and select ‘Open in new window’ for a larger view.
(The full image is white, I don’t know why the thumbnail is black)

Thanks to Anas Zubedy, for this simple, yet true-to-heart letter. The original post can be found at

Have a meaningful Malaysia, by zubedy

On a sidenote, do checkout zubedy’s new book, titled ‘Have a meaningful Malaysia‘. It is a collection of past zubedy advertisements which contain really interesting yet simple messages/lessons for us to lead a better and more harmonious life. It is priced at RM46.00 and can be found at all major bookstores (I got mine from KLCC Kinokuniya). If you can’t afford it, feel free to photocopy it from someone (or me, in that case) because zubedy won’t mind.

Excerpt from the blog:

If you really cannot afford RM46.00 for the book (one ringgit for each year since 1963 – the year Malaysia was born), go ahead and borrow one from a friend and photocopy it. I do not want you to feel guilty doing it. Only one for your own use, okay.

For more information on the book, check out


In case you missed out part 1, it’s here:

Ben's Bitches

Ben's Bitches

Ben’s Bitches performed an amazing set which wowed the crowd with songs such as Pensil Besar, Peter the Pirate and also The Cha Cha Ska of Amber Chia. Jin Hackman came up on stage to do a collaboration with them for one song, and for another one song, a female fan was called up on stage to help with the vocals.

Ben's Bitches


Rhythm Of Unity

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Rhythm of Unity

Rhythm of Unity Concert is organized by eBlitz Communication Sdn. Bhd. cooperating with Mahaka Entertainment Indonesia. This concert aims to create unity between Malaysians and Indonesians through music which presents Slank (IND), Letto (IND), One Buck Short (MAL), Bunkface (MAL), ESTRANGED (MAL), and Hujan (MAL) as the lineups.

The concert will be held at the Bukit Jalil Stadium carpark on the 23rd of May and will start from 5pm all the way till midnight. Tickets will cost RM55 though, you can purchase them from Axcess Ticketing (

There’s a 20% for VISA users, which will bring the ticket price down to RM45. Be quick!


Eclectic Dreams: The Showcase

The showcase will be held on 22nd May at Attack! Attack! Studio, starting from 9pm. Given Path will be the opening act, followed by performances from Couple and Seven Collar T-shirt.

Attack! Attack! Studio is located at:
2nd Floor,
Bangunan Yusmah,
Tanjung Chat,
Kota Bharu

For more info on Attack! Attack! Studio, visit their MySpace at

This event is organised by Gegey Music (


Save The Marriage Ebook tent/uploads/2009/05/dsc07618.jpg”>Pure Vibracion - Love and Peace

Pure Vibracion launched their very first album titled Love And Peace at the end January at Urbanatic, CapSquare (wasn’t free to cover it though). Yes I know it has been a while since the album has been released, but I have been too busy running around town covering events and meeting clients to actually sit down and review it. Much thanks to Bob of Laguna Records for passing me this CD (and I got it autographed by Joe and the crew as well!).

Their style of reggae is very much different compared to that of Republic of Brickfields, where Aru sings a lot like singing. In this album, Joe does sing as well, but in most songs, he does the other style of reggae, narrating style. One thing that makes Joe stand out is his airy voice, which makes him sound older and more mature.

This album weighs in at a near healthy 11 songs and the CD is an enhanced CD, with a music video in it with a couple of other extra information and photographs of the band.

Pure Vibracion - Love and Peace


Monash Music Festival

The Monash Music Festival (MMF) organized by Monash University Students’ Association (MUSA) is designed to develop the undiscovered talents in Monash University Sunway Campus (MUSC) and to promote them to the local music community.

Two main aims of the MMF are, to provide an engaging platform to showcase MUSC talent to the local music scene and also to expose MUSC community to Malaysia’s local acts. MMF will have performance selection ranging from rock, jazz, hip-hop and even percussion, MUSC is set to pulsate with the beats and rhythm of our local homegrown acts.

It was held at the Monash Sunway campus on the 25th of April and it started in the afternoon. We managed to get there at around 7pm, of which, Bus Company was already playing (I just missed Jin Hackman I think).

Bus Company


Show Off

During the last week of April, WL Fine Arts launched at art exhition called Show Off, where 12 artists showcased their art pieces at a small venue at Jalan Chantek, just beside La Salle school in Petaling Jaya.

The Venue


The exhibited artworks featured paintings (some futuristic, some abstract, some modern), photographic pieces, and also some hand crafted works. Everything was on sale that evening and prices were affordable to the casual art-lover.


XFM. Kami Tak Hot, Kami Cool!