Corntoz Pillow Fight!

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Pillow Fight Police

So yes, there were quite some people at the Corntoz Pillow Fight hosted by Zain of RandomAlphabets.com. From my estimation, there was about 60 pillow fighters, divided into 2 teams.

Gathering Point (2nd floor, The Curve)

People started to appear at the gathering point at about 4pm and by 4.10pm, the amount was enough to make the security guards come and have a chat with some of the RA officials, nothing went bad though.


Zain made his appearance at about 4.30pm and one of the teams left the gathering point after that. At 4.35pm, I followed the other team to the actual pillow fight venue, which was the lower ground floor of Cineleisure.

As we made our way from the 2nd floor of The Curve to Cineleisure, shop attendants were astonished and were asking their co-attendants on the amount of people walking through. Surprise surprise!

At Cineleisure

Zain was already there, perched on top of a chair giving the prep talk! Well, to cut it short, people with pillows will bash people with pillows. No bashing of people without pillows. The pillow fight police will be there to well, police the fighters in case anything goes out of hand.


Zain HD

A family?

So, after the teams were divided and positioned to face each other, it was head on collision after the count down was made. Heck, it turned out to be quite good, much better than I expected. Pillows were big, and even though Malaysians don’t use feather-filled pillows, the cotton-filled pillows burst open to give it a pillow fight look.


Pillow Fight

Zain HD

Zain, of course, was not spared from bashing as around 10 fighters turned their pillows onto him. After around 5 minutes, there was a break, and there was a 2nd prep talk from Zain, which in this time, there was a pillow flung to him (no damage though, just a pillow).

Halfway through

Zain HD gets a pillow


There was a second session of fighting, which also lasted about 5 minutes.




It was RA’s responsibility to clean up the place after the fight and their assistant brough brooms! Yeah. Good job dudes, keeping the place clean.

The mess

And off to the photoshooting session we go, under the blazing hot afternoon sun.

The Pillow Fighters

The Pillow Fighters


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