Corntoz Pillow Fight 4 April 2009

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Corntoz Pillow Fight

4th of April 2009 is the International Pillow Fight Day and RandomAlphabets will be organising the Kuala Lumpur chapter of the pillow fight. The location of the pillow fight will be kept secret until the very last moment and the pillow fight is expected to happen on 4pm.

Update: It”s revealed! The venue for the Corntoz Pillow Fight 2009 is at The Curve, 2nd floor at 4pm, 4th of April (Saturday).

This is the plan:

4.00pm : Pillow Fighters come to the Gathering Point

4.20pm : Pillow Fighters will be split into two groups. White and Blue. The appointed Pillow Fight Police, will help with the split.

4.25pm : One team will go first to the Pillow Fight Point, escorted by the Pillow Fight Police.

4.30pm : Second team will go to the Pillow Fight Point, escorted by the Pillow Fight Police.

4.45pm : Both teams in position… and fight!

Things you must know :

  1. The location of the Pillow Fight Point, will only be revealed at the Gathering Point.
  2. The Pillow Fight Point, will not be at the Gathering Point. It will be a different place altogether. They are two different places.
  3. The Pillow Fight Police, will be clearly marked and you will know them, when you see them.
  4. Members of the Blue team, and the White team, will be distinctive and clearly marked as well. The Pillow Fight Police will help you with this, on the day itself.
  5. Bring your own pillow.
  6. Do not carry them around. Keep it in a bag, until it is time to ‘Pillow Fight’.
  7. Only ‘Pillow Fight’ with someone who has a pillow.
  8. Keep your cameras and spectacles safe. There will be a team of official photographers, and photo will be uploaded and available for all.
  9. Have fun!

I hope this pillow fight won”t turn into a mess and won”t upset the authorities as what happened in San Francisco last year, during their Valentine”s Day Pillow Fight.

Excerpt from

This year”s Valentine”s Day pillow fight was, quite simply, a mess. Officials, only slightly amused, say the episode left the city holding the bag – or empty pillow case – with thousands of dollars in damage and cleanup costs due to mounds of wet, sticky feathers.

For more information, you can visit:
The official blogpost:
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Pillow Fight Day website:

And check out the video!


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