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XGIG JB 2009

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CT Cafe & Sports Arena

One more post before March ends! XFM‘s (no more XFresh FM guys, XFM from now on. XFM!) XGIG Johor Bahru leg was held just 2 weeks ago at City Plaza, which only allows music events to be held on Sundays, as there are corporate people working in the building from Mondays to Saturdays.  As with the one held in JB previously, this XGIG is also held at CT Cafe & Sports Arena.


Loy, the XGIG Boy, was courteous enough to invite me to the event and let me ride together with the crew (and the Bittersweet boys) on the bus, saving me from driving all the way down and back again


Corntoz Pillow Fight

4th of April 2009 is the International Pillow Fight Day and RandomAlphabets will be organising the Kuala Lumpur chapter of the pillow fight. The location of the pillow fight will be kept secret until the very last moment and the pillow fight is expected to happen on 4pm.

Update: It”s revealed! The venue for the Corntoz Pillow Fight 2009 is at The Curve, 2nd floor at 4pm, 4th of April (Saturday).

This is the plan:

4.00pm : Pillow Fighters come to the Gathering Point

4.20pm : Pillow Fighters will be split into two groups. White and Blue. The appointed Pillow Fight Police, will help with the split.

4.25pm : One team will go first to the Pillow Fight Point, escorted by the Pillow Fight Police.

XFM. Kami Tak Hot, Kami Cool!