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Fresh from the success of the recent Mogwai concert, local independent promoter, Soundscape Records is proud to present New York based band Battles on 19th March.

Battles is a critically acclaimed American experimental/math rock band. The band’s line-up includes ex-Helmet drummer John Stanier, ex-Don Caballero guitarist Ian Williams, ex-Lynx guitarist Dave Konopka, and Tyondai Braxton (son of avant-garde jazz musician Anthony Braxton).

Formed in 2003, the band stood out from other bands making experimental music because three of the members come from very successful, cult post metal, hardcore backgrounds, John drummed for Helmet and continues to drum for Tomahawk, while Tyondai comes from a salubrious avant garde musical heritage.

Whilst they are almost a traditional rock set up, they deliver mind boggling poly rhythms, complicated time signatures and abstraction that crosses electronic and guitar band lines with intense and captivating power and force!

In March of 2007, Battles released their debut album called Mirrored. Today, that album is number eight on Pitchfork Media’s best albums of the year and Battles is playing everywhere from Fuji Rock, Berlin to Bonnaroo.

To quote an article from The Lamron: “In almost all the songs that include an audible voice, it is distorted and computerized beyond recognition, resembling anything from mice getting their tails stepped on to the squeaky singing of an androgynous angel.”

For those interested in being lab rats in Battles’ sonic experiments, the band is touring Asia this March (Hong Kong, Bangkok, Taiwan, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur).

Prominent local independent music label Soundscape Records who is known for its knack of bringing quality, sought-after international music acts to the region teams up with Tiger to present the region with this extraordinary music event.

The event is scheduled to be held at Orange Club, Jalan Kia Ping, on 19th March, at 8pm. The band will be supported by Killeur Calculateur and Twilight Action Girl (DJ set).

Tickets are currently available at all Rock Corner outlets, priced at RM88 (pre-sale) and RM108 (At the door).

For more info, log on to or

For advance booking, please contact or 016 3369089


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