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As I was flipping through the newspapers yesterday, I saw an article about the lead singer of Meet Uncle Hussain, Lan. The title was shocking enough, ‘No looks, sounds good, the ‘late’ Lan‘.

Heck, with a simple printing/type error, the ‘late’ can become a late and it would be insulting, if not downright disturbing. And Lan is not that old. The writer decides to add more salt to the injury with this sentence ‘The singer, with no looks but sounds good, certainly commanded the attention of the audience.

Well, it looks like the author does not only dislikes Meet Uncle Hussain, but downright hates them. Read the online version here (if you want):

If you manage to read the whole article, the last sentence is no doubt the nail in the coffin (pun intended).

A more exciting read would be about Lan fainting:

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