Rock The World 8 (Part 3)

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Rock The World 8

The night then continued with The Times, playing Singapura Ke Kuala Lumpur, among others.

The Times

The Times The Times


Emcee for the day

Koffin Kanser then stormed the stage with dreadlocked band members and gave the crowd a dose of hard, heavy metal to mosh to. They played 3 songs before going into the percussion mode.

Aru - Koffin Kanser

Koffin Kanser Koffin Kanser

They were then joined by some didgeridoos, one of which was blown by Aru for a moment.

Aru - Koffin Kanser Didgeridoos


And then, REVENGE came on stage! They managed to give out a superb performance, not only with their music, but also with their stage antics, fashion, attire, style and synchronized stage movements. Rock kapak revival!

Revenge Revenge

They played R-E-V-E-N-G-E and Legends of Rock n Roll, among others. The whole crowd and also people in the media area were all headbanging and moshing to their music. Stay tuned for a post with more REVENGE pictures.



As they ended their set, the vocalist, Ayid came out with some ALIPH shoes! Heck! To those who don’t know, ALIPH shoes were popular during the old school rock days. And he threw it out to the crowd as well!!!


One Buck Short, who started out playing at earlier timeslots at previous Rock The World events, now got a second-last band timeslot. MacBeth shoes anyone?

One Buck Short

One Buck Short

One Buck Short


The Rock The World t-shirt


Last but not least was Butterfingers who mixed their set with some old and new songs, among which was My Chemistry which was very well received by the hungry crowd. It was a really long time since i heard them play My Chemistry live and it was good!

Emmett - Butterfingers

Kadak Greg Henderson

Emmett even took the opportunity to come down stage to greet the crowd and also to crowd surf himself! Security was tight when Butterfingers played and they were chasing Emmett all around the place while he was running around off stage.

Emmett - Butterfingers


And there you have it, Rock The World 8. Start and end. The timing was good and strategic, with mini-games in between bands to allow soundcheck and equipment setup to go on while keeping the crowd at bay with freebies and prizes. No delays = good!!! Let’s look forward to another Rock The World this 2009!

End show


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