Rock The World 8 (Part 2)

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Joe - Pure Vibracion

The evening continued with Pure Vibracion, spitting out their reggae tunes, which included the English chart topping (on HitzFM) song, Mi Gal. Flag bearing was of course there, this time a blue Malaysians for Peace one, instead of the usual red, green, yellow Pure Vibracion flag.

Liyana and Joe - Pure Vibracion

There were backup singers for songs, but at one point, Liyana Fizi of Estrella came back up on stage (she performed for Estrella a few bands back during the afternoon) to help out on the vocals.

Joe - Pure Vibracion

After Pure Vibracion, it was time for OAG who usually appear later in the night for most gigs. There was a superb media break out waiting to happen after Radhi took off his jacket, he was left with his red buttoned-up shirt, which was not really buttoned-up. Only the top button on the collar was. This, in effect, bared most of his front body. His chest and torso area. And to top it off, he was wearing a songkok.

Radhi - OAG

As this is Malaysia, body bearing, especially for Malay artists (Faizal Tahir anyone???), is not really encouraged. So, the stage manager got out a jacket (presumably Rahid’s own) and tried to cover Radhi. It took the stage manager two tries to wear the jacket on Radhi and zip it up fully. So there, the organisers were very careful not to incur any fines or bad press this time around.

Fizul - OAG


It was already night when The Otherside Orchestra took stage and the stage lighting were turned on. Smoke generators as well. This was my second time witnessing them playing live (the first time was at Laundry, which prompt me to purchase their EP immediately, and also their album later on). Their performance was really electrifying. Vocals were right on and the music reflected what I listened to on the album.

The Otherside Orchestra The Otherside Orchestra

The Otherside Orchestra The Otherside Orchestra

Bittersweet almost never got a slot at Rock The World until Laila’s Lounge announced that they were disbanding and Bittersweet took over their slot. This does not say that Bittersweet is not good enough to play for RTW, they certainly were qualified for RTW. As usual, they mixed their set with new and old material. When is the new album coming out guys?

Pijie - Bittersweet Bittersweet


Pijie - Bittersweet

Right when Estranged came up on stage, kumbang arrived outside the venue with the ‘Beercan’ (the Minolta 70-210mm/f4 lens). I was supposed to collect it from him during the afternoon before the event, but things got a bit too late. He tried to come and pass me the lens somewhere about 4pm, but was stuck at a massive crawl starting from the Federal Highway stretch at Midvalley Megamall heading towards Kuala Lumpur, so he took a detour, hung out somewhere else, and only arrived now.

Estranged Estranged

So yes, Estranged.

Estranged Estranged


Part 3, with the rest of the night bands (KoffinKanser, One Buck Short, Revenge, Butterfingers, etc) will be up soon!


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