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2008 has shown a level of success in the local independent music scene that has put Butterfingers on par with their more commercial counterparts. The Malaysian independent music scene has never before garnered this kind of attention and fan base, as is proof in the massive press coverage, radio airplay and television appearances local indie bands are currently achieving.

If 2008 was the year of ‘discovering’ the local independent music scene, then 2009 will be the year of cementing its arrival. We firmly believe that the last step in this journey of getting our music fully accepted is to take it off the small stage and onto the professional stage.

One of Malaysia’s biggest bands, Butterfingers, is inviting you to catch them in a first ever four shows back to back musical extravaganza to be held at the prestigious Dewan Lambang Sari of Istana Budaya, in January 2009.

The showcase will be the first Butterfingers full band line up since the release of their hugely acclaimed 6th studio album, KEMBALI, six months ago, and will be the last time the band play together before they go on indefinite hiatus when vocalist Emmett leaves Malaysia to work in Canada.

During the four shows, Butterfingers will showcase their biggest hits from all their six albums, 1.2 Milligrams, Butterworth Pushful, Transcendence, Malayneum, Selamat Tinggal Dunia and their latest Kembali.

Also featured will be two opening bands that have enjoyed recent popularity and success, Hujan and Bunkface.

All featured bands have had singles climb local music charts like X-Fresh, Hitz.FM, Era.FM and even MTV Asia, and have also been chosen as Bands of the Year by magazines like KLue and ROTTW.

Both Hujan and Bunkface will open for Butterfingers on the one day only special unplugged performance on the 17th of January. The 18th of January will see Butterfingers in full swing covering a comprehensive repertoire of 12 years worth of their noteworthy hit songs.

Butterfingers along with the aforementioned bands have been integral in taking the Malaysian music industry to the next level, and together with Istana Budaya, we feel we can raise the standards even higher.

SESI ISTANA BUDAYA BUTTERFINGERS will kick start 2009 in the most musically uplifting way and we would be honoured to share this journey with you.

More information:
Butterfingers website: http://butterfingers.com.my/
Istana Budaya: http://www.istanabudaya.gov.my/


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