Rock The World 8 (Part 1)

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Rock The World 8

Rock The World 8 was held at the car park of Stadium Merdeka on the 20th of December 2008. There wasn’t any Rock The World at 2007, so this Rock The World was somewhat very much anticipated by everyone.

Well, not really ‘everyone’, judging from the number of comments on the Junk Blog, until Jason Lo actually came around to post some comments there as well. Most of the criticism was about the line up, some saying how stale it was, some saying that most of the bands are ‘cronies’, and then some flaming each other about the current music scene, etc etc.


I arrived at about 3pm and headed towards the ticketing counter only to find out that the media entrance is at the back of the car park (opposite the police station), so I had to walk all the way up the hill. Zip Zieller was already playing by the time I sorted everything out and got to the stage area. Some college bands had performed before Zip Zieller but I totally missed all them. Ahhh.

Zip Zieller

Zip Zieller


Dang, the stage was kinda high, maybe about 2 meters. I didn’t had the time to collect the Beercan (a Minolta 70-210/f4 lens for you guys who are not familiar with its nickname) from my friend so I was stuck to using my Minolta 50mm/1.7 and Albert’s 1.4 teleconverter (giving me a range of 70mm, a little too short, but workable nevertheless) as I forgot to pack my teleconverter into my holster pouch. I had to set my resolution to 6 megapixels so that I can get better crops.

Adhering to the tight schedule, Estrella quickly came on stage and played.

Liyana - Estrella

Liyana - Estrella Liyana - Estrella

After which, it was time for Republic of Brickfields. Hmmm, I feel that reggae is best left to evening or night slots. Or maybe its just me, not used to taking photos of them in the afternoon (I always like night concert photography, or at least with the spotlights and smoke generators).

Aru - Republic of Brickfields

Republic of Brickfields
Does the sky seem dark? Yeah, it’s gonna drizzle in a while.

Republic of Brickfields

The somewhat grey skies started to let go some rain, not too heavy though, just a slight drizzle. It did not affect the crowd a single bit. The camera man had to cover up the camera, and I had to use the water proof cover from my Sony Alpha bag to cover my camera (looks like Albert got influenced by my tactic as well).



The already bulgeoning in the afternoon.


And it’s time for Bunkface! They got to play for Rock The World already. So fast! Do note their new Bunkface t-shirts. No doubt they played all their hit songs, including Situasi, which the crowd totally enjoyed.


Bunkface Bunkface


Komplot was up next. Their saxophonist was on stage this time, and they did perform their hit song, Konflik Metropolis.


Komplot Komplot

Right after Komplot, fellows from They Will Kill Us All gave the crowd more similar styled songs. As some of you might have known already, they just released their debut album, titled Secret Episodes. Do check out their MySpace (http://www.myspace.com/twkua) for more information.

They Will Kill Us All

They Will Kill Us All They Will Kill Us All

Stay tuned for Part 2!!!


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