Livesounds: Dewi-Dewi & Marcell

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Wine Room

Lucky draw coupon

The second leg of the Livesounds event was held at Wine Room, Heritage Row. The headlining act for the night was Marcell, with Dewi-Dewi opening for them. The venue was already quite filled up when we arrived and when Dewi-Dewi took stage, I think the venue was already filled up to the brim.

Early crowd


Tata Tata

Purie Dewi Dewi


Dewi Dewi

Dewi Dewi

There was a 45 minute break after Dewi-Dewi performed. The DJ was there spinning some tunes nevertheless. We went out to take a breather. As soon as we came back, the venue was even more packed than before! I had a real hard time getting to the front of the stage.

Moments later, Marcell came up on stage to the support and shouts of all the ladies in the house. The army of ladies were huuuuggeeeee!!! Some of the ladies were even standing on the tables just to get a look at Marcell performing.

Marcell Marcell

What a hot performance by Marcel it was. He was very well received by the fans which sang-along to his songs. They even screamed madly when he just nonchalently loosend his tie and top collar.


Guitar winner

The lucky lady who won the guitar came on stage in a nice dress, with her shoulders showing. This prompted Marcell to take off his jacket and put it over her, receiving cheers and jealousy from the already hot and hyped out crowd. Not only she got a guitar, she even got a 10 second tight hug from Marcell after receiving the guitar. I can’t imagine the jealousy of the other lady Marcell fans that night. It was just insane. I had to make my way out of the front stage before I get squashed by more ladies.

And thus, we called it a night.


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