Laila’s Lounge came on stage without its vocalist, who was apparently stuck in the infamous Kuala Lumpur traffic madness. The gig had to go on, so the guitarist became the replacement vocalist, albeit a bit off tune, but it’s better than nothing!

Bittersweet also faced the Kuala Lumpur traffic madness. Vocalist Pijie was apparently stuck in the jam and we had to wait for about 10 minutes for him to finally arrive. Emcee Utt had to come on stage to cool down the impatient crowd and when all else failed, he left the stage.

When Pijie finally arrived, it was on! As usual, they started the set with their Cobaan song and continued into Capital E.  Their set included Big Black Hole, Burn Berlin Down, Simone and Kucing Hitam.

Packed as hell the crowd was! Moshing was crazy when Bittersweet was performing and I could see a rubbish bin (the big ones) flew up in the air and the contents coming right of it. Can’t imagine standing right under it at that very moment. Security were also having a tough time holding back the barriers to prevent us photographers from getting squashed.

White Shoes & The Couples Company, not totally rock, but the crowd loved them! They gave the crowd some time to refresh and at the same time enjoy themselves with some super retro music. Not only did they play retro music, their dressing were retro as well!!

For the first time in many many gigs, the vocalist actually danced to the music! Not just shaking their feet or gyrating their hips, but she performed actual dance movements with swaying hands and rhytmic leg movements. Her voice was also true to what I actually listened to on the MP3s (errr…).

Before starting their set, the vocalist got the crowd ready by saying ‘Selamat menikmati‘. Foooh. Corny, but well, mega. And then they got into the groove with Tentang Cita, Senandung Maaf, Aksi Kucing, among others.

Butterfingers was next but they could only play 3 songs as time was not on their side. Emmet came on stage with his usual acoustic guitar and from that we could tell that they were going to play songs from their newer albums, notably Kembali. Well, they started out with Bebas, going into MAHARANI and then ending with Joget Global.

Something to note. It was at this time where the security guards told the photographers that we only could shoot during the first song. After the first song ended, I was promptly ushered to the side by one of the security persons. Hmmm?

The S.I.G.I.T. was the last band of the night. Just so that you guys know, The S.I.G.I.T. stands for The Super Insurgent Group of Intemperance Talent. Both guitarists came on stage with their faced covered by their long hair. Anyway, once they started, it looked like they weren’t gonna stop playing. Song after song, the crowd wanted more. It looked like most of the crowd came for The S.I.G.I.T. that night.

I could not catch any of their songs as I did not listen to The S.I.G.I.T. prioir to attending this gig. My apologies. But they did gave their best that night and definitely did not disappoint the crowd. So, here’s more pictures of The S.I.G.I.T. to compensate for my incompetence.

Everything went as planned eventhough the event started 1 hour late. The next UOX Play is already scheduled and will be held at Zouk, Kuala Lumpur on the 17th of January 2009. The lineup is more towards the dance crowd though, more information soon.


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