The second installment of the UOX PLAY event was held at Bukit Bintang Plaza rooftop on the 13th of December 2008. It was scheduled to start at 5pm, but only started at 6pm due to some sound check delays. Nevertheless, the event ended on time and delays between bands were kept to a minimum.

The venue was quite big, but I the stage area could have been bigger. Besides the stage area, there were of course the Celcom booths to promote their UOX product, Junk booth, t-shirt booths (which were located beside the crowd area), food booths, art installments and showcases, VIP tent, and an audition & photo booth (which I don’t know what is it about).

One thing which concerned me is that we couldn’t enter with our own water or drinks. The security asked us to either finish them up or throw them away. The reason? Because there were booths inside the venue selling drinks as well. Well, no point arguing here as the organiser have their own reasons for this (to boost sales of the food booths of course). The baffling thing is that some people were giving out free drinks just outside the venue and I had no choice but to chuck them into the bin (along with a bottle of water I brought from home). Wastage. Wastage.

Anyway, after making several rounds around the venue, we got our media passes from Liyana (of Estrella), who, we were told, was helping out/working with Celcom on this event.

We got Mookie to autograph our CD

Bunkface were the first band for the day, rocking the crowd, without a need to warm up. Songs included, BUNKFACE, Silly Lilly and Situasi, all of which garnered sing alongs and crowd surfers.

Stonebay was on next. The vocalist had a really nice guitar with some floral print on it.

MTV VJ, VJ Utt was the host for the event

Albert, of (Glaring Notebook) with his beercan

After that, Bus Company (remember we covered them previous in a gig in Laundry Bar) came on stage next.

40 Winks came on stage next to give us some ska tunes, together with a brass band! Not bad indeed! The lights were lit up as well, allowing me to take more colorful pictures! I’m still trying to learn how to take interesting afternoon shots without stage lighting. Bear with me.

After 40 Winks completed their set, it was time for Maghrib and also dinner. I took a bit too much time for my dinner, and when I reappeared at the venue, Tempered Mental was already playing. I missed One Buck Short‘s performance!! The smoke generators were turned on as well. Couple the smoke with the lighting, yeah, this is what I was waiting for. Here comes the night shots!!!

Yeah, some fretboard work by the guitarist!

Seven took stage next, but there was a little bit delay as Arrmand, the band’s guitarist was nowhere to be seen. Luckily he appeared just as the band was about to start. They were playing some funky tunes that night which included Imagination, but the crowd didn’t like their songs, telling them to go off and such. What a crowd. Ah well, it seems that most of them came for Bittersweet and The S.I.G.I.T.

6-string bass!!!

Part 2 will be up real soon, with photos of Laila’s Lounge (without vocalist), Bittersweet, Butterfingers, White Shoes & The Couples Company, and The SIGIT!!! Stay tuned!


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