The first of three Livesounds ( event was held at the Rainforest Sports Bar located just outside of the True Fitness gym at Pavilion. The headlining band for the night was of course, Andra & The Backbone who was supported by our very own Lightcraft (in case you guys didn’t know, they got the name from a lighting shop along Jalan Loke Yew).

Due to some internal delays, we only managed to reach the venue at 9.30pm. Do note that parking at Pavilion is charged a flat rate of RM8.00 after 8pm (or is it 6pm?). Looks like the organisers wanted to fill up the venue as they plan to start the event at 10pm. No worries there, but I had to make my way to the entrance located outside of Pavilion to collect my media pass. I did not RSVP as I could not contact the organisers, Speed Zone Entertainment, but luckily the friendly representative from Arc Worldwide provided me with some passes. Kudos to you dude, and also to Huey Meim!

We were also given some lucky draw coupons to fill in so that we could stand a chance to win one of the 2 electric guitars slated to be given out after each band finishes performing.

At about roughly 10pm, Lightcraft made their way to the stage. A full band they are. A drummer, 2 guitarists, a bassist, a vocalist/guitarist and a keyboardist. The somewhat small and short stage managed to accomodate all the band members, albeit leaving only a little room for movement. The crowd was just a stone throw away from the band members. I took this opportunity to take some close up shots with my fisheye but was promptly warned by one of the stage crew not to go too close to the band members. Well, I obediently obliged, not wanting to be ushered out of the venue.

So yes, Lightcraft played a very solid set of about 7 songs, mimicking the sounds and effects found in the recorded version. Imam’s singing was good and full of emotion.

A white guitar makes its way to the stage after Lightcraft finished performing. It was then signed by all members of the band, and the lucky draw winner was plucked out from the lucky draw box!

We then waited for about 15 minutes before any sight of Andra & The Backbone band members could be seen. Their stage crew and assistants were busy prepping the equipment for them on stage and when the head assistant gave his thumbs up, the band came in, pushing their way through the crowd, heading towards the stage.

The venue is even more packed compared to when Lightcraft was playing. Looks like most of the people here came to witness Andra & The Backbone play. I can’t imagine how packed Bar Savanth Too would be when Sheila on 7 plays on 29th December.

Andra played a solid full concert set, lasting for slightly over an hour. Heck, even Incubus didn’t play that long at Sunburst. And this event is FREE!!! Awesome job Speed Zone, you really overcame my expectations (and probably the audiences as well) on this one. I was only expected a standard 7-song set but heck, we were blasted with nearly 14 songs!

Delays were kept to a minimum, 2 free signed guitars were given away, a solid performance by Lightcraft and a 14-song set performance by Andra & The Backbone. What more could you ask for? And for those who came in for free, you could not ask for anything better. Kudos to the organisers! Our coverage of the Dewi-dewi & Marcell event at Wine Room will be coming up real soon!

Don’t forget to register yourselves at the Livesounds website ( for the upcoming Sheila on 7 and The Rock event coming this 29th December at Bar Savanth Too, Sri Hartamas. See you guys there!


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