First and foremost, before you start wasting your time reading this post, I would just like to say that this event was a total disaster. It was a total waste of time and money to anyone who paid RM38/RM45 for the tickets. It was a pure letdown to everyone, audience and band members (especially Steven & CoconutTreez who flew all the way down to play for us).

Now, why? If you attended the event, you already know why. If you haven’t, let me just briefly tell you why. The 4 hour delay was okay. But the fact that Steven only played 2 songs made the whole waiting and waiting totally not worth it. Back to delay. There was a 4 hour delay before the event finally started. It was slated to start at 2pm, but it was only at 6pm that the first band started playing.

A 1 hour delay is perfectly normal for our Malaysian timing standards. 2 hour delay is tolerable, but annoying. A 3 hour delay is a no-no, but I haven’t heard of a 4 hour delay before. If Steven played a full set of around 10 songs, I wouldn’t mind the 4 hour wait. But no, we waited for 4 hours, listened to all our local bands play (no harm in that), waited for 25 minutes with Republic of Brickfields on stage who couldn’t perform because the time was already past midnight only to witness 2 songs from Steven & CoconutTreez.

This is so wrong. I was at the Music Against Racism gig where the rain forced the organisers to temporarily stop the event for 2 hours. After the rain stopped, they had the insight to limit the later bands to only 3 songs so that the event could end on time, and it did. I have absolutely no idea why the organisers (Mosic Works Entertainment) did not do this. I am sure they noticed that the event started 4 hours late, and something had to be done or reorganised so that everything goes perfectly as planned.

As the event was supposed to start at 2pm and I duly arrived at 2pm to collect my media passes. I could see on the band running order list that the whole schedule was brought forward by 1 hour.

The venue at that time was very empty. Just a handful of kids sitting at the stairs and ledges. From my rough estimate, there were like 20 to 30 people (minus the crew) there. Anyway, I made my way into the venue and I could see and hear one of the bands doing their soundcheck. Heck.

The Tropic booth, the label which brings in Steven & CoconutTreez albums

So, like everyone else, I sat in the shade and waited for the soundchecks to end. And I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

I saw Steven & CoconutTreez came at around 4pm so I hurriedly got to them to get my The Other Side CD autographed. After a short discussion with Steven, I discovered that their soundcheck was scheduled at 2pm. What? Wasn’t the event supposed to start at 2pm? Anyway, after the current soundchecking band finished, Steven took over to do the soundcheck.

Well, Steven took quite a while to do their soundcheck and even after their soundcheck, the event still did not start. So I waited again.

Until 6pm, where the announcer finally got on stage to invite the first band, Maddame, on stage to perform. Heck, she didn’t even explain on why there was a 4 hour delay.

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