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Couple will be organising an album release party for their upcoming album Teenage Disc Fantastic at the MCPA Hall this 28 December. This would be their second album, the first one being Top Of The Pop which was released about 2 years ago. Bunkface, Yuna, The Dearly Missed, The Hollows and The Peanuts will be playing as well.

Event is slated to start at 1pm and tickets will be priced at RM18 each.

Quoted from their MySpace page (

After the unexpected success of their self-released debut album “Top Of The Pop”, a huge underground/cult hit amongst kids of all ages from tweens to teens to young adults and beyond, Malaysia’s power pop heroes Couple are back with their 2nd studio album, snappily titled “Teenage Disc Fantastic”, scheduled to be released on the 28th December 2008.

Organising their own album release party on the said date at the MCPA Hall (upstairs, 3rd Floor), the first 500 people to get in will get their new album, Teenage Disc Fantastic, for free.

The next 500 people will then get to purchase the CD for only RM10 (normal price is RM15).

Enlisting the help of their friends who also make music that they love, the album release party will also see performances by:

Bunkface (Malaysia’s latest pop-punk sensations)
Yuna (singer-songwriter extraordinaire)
The Dearly Missed (emo pop glory!)
The Hollows (Teenage Fanclub obsessives)
The Peanuts (who will also be releasing their debut EP on the same day)

So do come along, bring your dancing shoes and a few extra bucks with you, and experience the Teenage Gig Fantastic, and then later on bring home the Teenage Disc Fantastic with you to cap off what will surely be a darn good time.

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