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Laila’s Lounge recently launched their debut EP, titled Kosong. I only found out the EP’s title after opening the cover as there is no other information printed on the outside besides the band’s name and the wonderful colorful artwork (well, besides the copyright and publisher’s information). The artwork on the outside is really unique and vibrant. You definitely won’t miss it if you are looking through CDs in the music store. It is somewhat refreshing and different from the standard photograph based album covers. That being said, I have nothing against photograph based album covers.

This CD is a real gem. Totally worth the your hard earned RM15 (or whatever you paid for/downloaded). Upon listening to the opening track, you can hear that the recording and mixing is (are?) top notch. The guitars are sometimes split between the left and right tracks to distinguish between the background guitars and the guitar solo. The bass line is very solid and noticeable and helps carry you through the song.

The EP contains 5 songs (first two are in English, and the 3 remaining are in Bahasa Malaysia) which are:
1. Stargazer
2. Warm Cherry House
3. Mawar Khayalan
4. Wajah
5. Prindu

Stargazer is the first song it it is somewhat uplifting. I can feel my spirit rising throughout the song. There is also a guitar line which plays in the background throughout the song.

Warm Cherry House is very suitable to be listened to on a lazy, raining Sunday afternoon. Damn, it makes the afternoon even more relaxing. The lyrics are really interesting though.

Mawar Khayalan speaks for itself. I really don’t have to explain this song, really. The groovy bass line, and a very catchy guitar hook. The only thing different in the EP version is that the intro has a sparkly, star light version of the guitar hook for 4 bars (well, it should be 4 bars, I didn’t study music theory, so correct me if I’m wrong). Everything about this song is near perfect. The vocals, the lyrics, the guitar solo, the rhythm, the feel, and the mood it gives. I absolutely love the bass line, it’s just so damn awesome. It will make you move your neck, or shoulders, or feet, or your entire body. Heck, just get the EP for this song.

Wajah is a somewhat melodramatic and dreamy song. The guitar is constantly plucking in the background and the distortion kicks in to give the song an increase in pace. Then it goes back to its dreamy vocals, and back again.

Prindu. Well, is even dreamier than Wajah, but it does serve as a very appropriate song to end and close the EP.

Even if Mawar Khayalan wasn’t that good, this EP would have still been worth it as the other songs are good in their own accord. But heck, Mawar Khayalan is so damn good that it makes this EP absolutely awesome, coupled with 4 other great songs.

Go get it!

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4 Responses to “Laila’s Lounge – Kosong [EP]”

  1. Suffian - December 21, 2008 / 4:51 pm

    I first saw these guys live at The Factory in Bukit Bintang, like seven years ago. They sounded very Radiohead at the time but I liked the groove they had going; it was a cross between shoegazing and post-emo. Are they selling the EP at Rock Corner?

  2. ah_mei - December 23, 2008 / 1:55 am

    Yes. Rock Corner has it in store :)

  3. naZizazu - January 2, 2010 / 6:47 pm

    well done

  4. kenchill - January 3, 2010 / 4:11 am

    Thanks man!


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