Music Against Racism (Part 1)

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Music Against Racism was held on the 16th of November 2008 at KL Tower and was organised by Vain Music (). It was scheduled to start at 12pm until 10pm. I planned to go at 2pm but it started raining heavily so I waited until 4pm where the rain started to slow down.

By then time I reached KL Tower, the rain already stopped and according to the organisers, the show had to be delayed by 2 hours due to the rain. So, after getting the passes and all, Rivernation came up and stage and started playing some reggae tunes.

The Aggrobeats came on stage next to put on the “Aggrobeats Show”.

There was this particular older rocker (well, sorry for a bad explanation, but you can refer to the picture) who was there at the front row. It didn”t hampered him much even though he was on a wheelchair. His spirits and energy was superb at that moment.

The crowd around him was as enthusiastic as well, rocking and head banging to the tunes, yes reggae tunes. There was even body surfing going on!! And he kept on shouting “Rock sampai mati!!!“, yeah, full on dude!

Second Combat then came on stage to unleash a full set of around 7 songs, some about anti-capitalism and anti-establishments.

SodD, the co-emcee

There was a short 30 minute break for prayers and dinner after Second Combat finished. After the break, SodD came back on stage and performed together with Roots “n” Boots which includes the crowd favorite, Made In Malaysia.

The obligatory Malaysia flag!!!

After a lengthy sound check, Dashown finally started playing their hardcore/punk mix of songs.

After all the rocking and moshing, it was time for an interlude. A break. What better way to entertain the crowd other than a nice dance performance. It is not what it seems. It”s was a modern traditional dance which was kinda fast paced.

Part 2 will be coming up real soon.


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