XGig at Rum Jungle, Ipoh

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XFM’s 6th XGig was held at Rum Jungle, Ipoh on the 22nd of November 2008. Rum Jungle is located at the car park of The Lost World of Tambun, at Sunway City Ipoh. I was invited by Loy of XFM to tag along and also to take some photographs of the event.

The event was scheduled to start at 2pm but the crowd came slightly earlier despite the hot sun shining brightly through the clear skies. The Street Surfers were giving away free stuff just outside the venue entrance.

Delays? We won’t tolerate any delays here. The event team of XFM are working their backs off this time to make sure that the event goes as planned, without delays. Equipment setup and sound checks were done at 8am on the same day, and the hard work paid off as the crowd were allowed to enter the venue at 2pm SHARP.

We were already inside the venue before that and Haniff (the emcee) was already ready on stage at 1.58pm. Well, as the event was scheduled to start at 2pm, we patiently waited for the clock to hit 2pm before opening the doors.

Kudos dudes, way to go! And Loy, good job man, you kept your word!

The first band to play was The Jeffry, who were in fact, the only open mic band for the day.

MUCK was second to play. At this point, the venue was already packed like sardines up till the entrance. Loy was telling me that he did not know what to expect for the turn out. Either it will be a small crowd, or a total blowout. It seems that it was the latter, a superbly huge and enthusiastic crowd. They definitely helped raise all the bands’ spirits and energy.

Free Love came up next and played songs from the debut album which includes The Yaya Song and Can You Hear Me?. They played The Yaya Song last, and during that song, Mohd Jayzuan, the vocalist jumped onto the crowd from the stage for some bodysurfing action. As he was returned to the stage, he fell head first onto the stage.

The back of his head hit the edge of the deck. I just snapped a picture of him bodysurfing just a few seconds ago and as soon as he fell, I was stunned. As his head hit the stage, he held in immediately, a sign which it really hurt. Luckily he didn’t pass out as he stood up immediately, wanting to continue the set as though as nothing happened but as soon as he saw his bloody hand, he thought otherwise. He went backstage, accompanied by the XFM crew and was whizzed off to the nearest hospital.

The band members, albeit a little bit shocked, continued the song till it ended. It was all okay as Jayzuan could still walk, so no big deal there, gig goes on, but with a few warning words to tame the crowd.

Harmacy took stage after Free Love.

Unfazed by what happened to Jayzuan, the guitarist goes for the kill! Bodysurfing with his guitar, awesome.

More crowd shots!!! It was amazing to see such a huge turnout. It was spilling! I was lucky enough to be positioned in between the band and the crowd. It was hot, sweaty and sticky, but the energy and vibe was superb. And the front row people kept on asking me to snap photos of them, which I did without hesitating.

Pesawat was up next. I managed to get hold of their single, Mirage, of which I will do a write up of it in the near future (soon I hope).

Bunkface, from Kuala Lumpur, seems to have a huge following in Ipoh as evident by the crowd’s reaction after they were announced to play next. The crowd went all out for Bunkface, moshing, bodysurfing (multiple bodysurfings at one go) and sing alongs.

Even the band members were in the mood for bodysurfing (as were the other bands before this). As soon as the vocalist went into the crowd, the bassist took off his guitar and threw himself into the crowd. Heck! Bunk Anthem, Silly Lilly, Highschool Rocker and the hottest hit Situasi were all in their set.

Let’s not forget the deejays.

And more crowd shots. Thanks to Haniff for asking them to raise their hands up.

Bittersweet, home town heroes, played last. Best for last eh? The crowd gave whatever energy they had left into moshing, and me, stuck between the band and crowd. What else could I say? It was all out. No delays, no time limits, Bittersweet dished out their full set which includes Capital E, Big Black Hole, 1,2,3,4,5, Burn Berlin Down, 4 Years, Simone and of course, Kucing Hitam. They managed to sneak in one more last song before ending their set, but I forgot what was it as I was enjoying myself to take notice of what song they were singing.

Everything went on as planned (besides the Jayzuan incident) and the event ended peacefully at 5.20pm. The crowd seemed content with all the bands and songs that were played today. Me, I was happy that I could get up close to take photos of the band and the crowd. And the XFM crew was happy as well as it all went well for them.

Check out the gallery for even more pictures! (All pictures edited by ah_mei)


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