Fly FM 3rd Anniversary

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Fly FM held their 3rd anniversary birthday bash at Central Park, 1Utama this year. They also held their 2nd anniversary at the same venue last year (of which I attended as well). They were nice enough to provide me with some media passes, allowing me to venture around all areas around the stage and the VIP area as well.

This event is also sponsored by Magnum, and there were those blow up bangers which had Magnum branding on them as well. Security this year was also helped out by a squad of RELA members.

Unfortunately, Estrella couldn’t make it for tonight as their drummer, Jeffrey Little had to go outstation.

The event started at a bit past 8pm with the Fly FM DJs stomping on the percussions, made out of recycled material. They all wore black hoodies and white masks, which made them look spooky.

Bunkface was the first band to play for that night, playing Highschool Rocker and the super hot hit, Situasi. They were no doubt well accepted by the crowd, with sing-alongs as well.

As soon as Faizal Tahir came on stage, the crowd was cheering ‘strip strip’ and ‘tanggal baju’. He came on stage wearing a jacket and in the middle of the intro of the first song, he interrupted the band and promptly took off his jacket, revealing a black t-shirt underneath. He pointed to a slogan at the back of his shirt which writes ‘This is my party shirt‘.

SevenCollar T-shirt! Heck, they are playing everywhere! Duan as usual, was very melodic on the vocals. I’m still anticipating their album release, when, when?

Jaclyn Victor, performed again this year looking even slimmer than before! She brought along a band of which included an 11 year old boy playing percussion! She sang a cover of Pink’s song, So What.

After that, a short performance by the KL Stompers.

One Buck Short did not fail to impress the female crowd, performing favorites such as Kelibat Korupsi and Khayalan Masa, among others.

Estranged, who just recently released their latest album, Remain Unknown were promoting their new songs, but I didn’t manage to recall what they were already, sorry.

DJ Hunny Madu taking pictures of the crowd, and her brother beside her.

Bittersweet, one of the hottest bands around town (they are from Ipoh by the way) came on stage dressed handsomely in their now trademark black and white attire. They teased the crowd with the ‘cubaan/test’ song before going into Capital E and then, finally, Kucing Hitam.

Meet Uncle Hussain was the last band for the night, performing Pari-pari, La La La Kerjalah, Lagu Untukmu. They did not go amuk this time although Lan did swing the microphone around. Their set was abruptly interrupted as there was a fight going on in the crowd. I was on stage at that time, but did not manage to spot where the fight was or how big was it. Anyhow, the pause was brief, and they continued playing after that.

Right after Meet Uncle Hussain finished their set, the fireworks were launched up to the sky behind the stage. Just like it happened last year, with Hujan being the final band. The fireworks lasted for around 3 minutes and most of the crowd and photographers left. The night did not just end there, as it was time for clubbers turn to dance and enjoy the music.

The end

Me? I went off the the VIP booth to have some drinks (free flow) and a quick snack. Special thanks to Kavita Sanker, Network Publicist of Fly FM for giving me the media passes.


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