Steven & CoconutTreez Live In Malaysia

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Finally, Steven & CoconutTreez comes to Malaysia! This is an event not to be missed by anyone, yes, ANYONE. Just listening to the tunes of Steven & CoconutTreez makes you feel so relaxed and happy. Not convinced? Go check out Welcome To My Paradise at YouTube. Or Kembali.

Besides Steven & CoconutTreez, our local bands are performing there as well. You will get to catch OAG, Republic of Brickfields, Bittersweet, Pure Vibracion, Rivernation, Skudap Skudip, Plague of Happiness, Whimsical, Redemption, Priority and Maddame.

Event Details:
Venue: CapSquare, KL
Date: 29th November 2008
Time: 2pm
Tickets: RM38 presale/RM45 at door

Steven & CoconutTreez will be performing a 2 hour set (which I presume they will be the last band playing) and the supporting bands will be performing for 30 minutes each.

After listening to both their albums, The Other Side and Easy Going for 2 years, we definitely are going for this show. You can’t miss this one!

The lowdown (on why it was a disaster)
The band photographs:


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