Hujan finally held their very own showcase at Planet Hollywood on the 25th of October 2008. Tickets were priced at RM25 each. COCO and Free Love (who recently launched their album) were there to open for Hujan.

The event start just slightly after 4pm and the venue was already packed. There was one booth, just beside the stairs, selling Dirt-Tee clothing, and also some Hujan merchandise (umbrellas, car stickers, etc).

COCO were the first to play, with AG on the guitar. I was stuck at the right side of the stage, as I couldn’t make my way to the center front of the stage due to the packed crowd. Even before COCO came on stage, the crowd was already there.

Free Love was next, playing a few of their crowd favorite songs, including the Ya Ya Song. At this point, I abandoned my hope of getting the front row spot and navigated myself around the venue, ending up at the left side of the stage, slightly.

Just right after the opening bands finished performing, Hujan came on stage, with band members donning a smart black and white outfit. They even had this tiny Hujan badge on the left chest side of their shirts. I soon found myself at the back of the stage, and was able to take close up shots of Am, the drummer, and also some crowd shots. It was also there where I manage to spot their playlist, so refer to the playlist for the songs they sang at that day okay.

The playlist

After exhausting all my options backstage, I moved myself to the back of the crowd, this time, with an aim of getting to the front of the stage. I noticed 2 other photographers there, so I signalled them, and all 3 of us, together with some other kids pushed our way into the crowd and I managed to get second row position. The first row were a bunch of girls, shorter than me. I did not want to spoil their excitement that day, so I just stood behind them. There was a biggish security guard standing there though, blocking my shots every now and then.

Hujan dished nearly all their songs for this showcase, and as usual, Bila Aku Sudah Tiada garnered a massive sing along and so did their latest hit single, Dugaannya. There was also a Happy Birthday song, dedicated to those who celebrated their birthday on that day. There were slight moshing, but heavy moshing and crowd surfing was kept to a minimum due to the security guards limiting them.

They kept the best for the last, playing Aku Scandal and Lonely Soldier Boy near the end of their set. As for all Hujan shows, the last 2 songs of their set would always be Pagi Yang Gelap, which will be followed by Empayarmu. Dukegong finally came on stage to play for Hujan for the last time. And of course, Noh abused his guitar strings on the mic stand after they finish playing.


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