KAMI The Concert (Part 3)

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Do check out Part 1 ( and Part 2 ( first.

The Times took stage right after Bittersweet’s rendition of the Hari Raya song. They started off with Singapura Ke Kuala Lumpur, a crowd favorite, taken from their latest album, Modern Minimalist Glamour. They chugged through the night, churning out Khayal Khayalan, Tunjuk Perasaan and also the title track from the same album.

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It was time for more reggae with Republic Of Brickfields. Aru came on stage again, the first time being with Koffin Kanser. Aru had a costume change and he wore a nice bright yellow striped jumper. As always, they did not fail to please the crowd with strong vocals from Aru and solid music from the band. They played their staple diet of Rahsia, Orang Planet, Emansipasi and lastly, Ku Tak Bisa.

Love Me Butch came on stage to give the crowd some moshing, right after they had some slow, relaxing skanking. As usual, Meng was running around the stage with his guitar and Syarul was screaming energetically into the microphone. Reconcile and Hollywood Holiday were among the songs in their set. It was nearly 11pm when Love Me Butch started playing but the crowd was still strong, staying on to catch the upcoming bands.

Meet Uncle Hussain came up and played only 3 (or was it 4??) songs but the vocalist was too emo. he was constantly abusing the microphone stand, throwing it around and making it fall over and over again, even after the stage crew stood it up again. Finally, he took out an umbrella and smashed it on stage, destroying it. I wonder why. Was he being really angry because the band’s set was cut short or was it just a performance/stunt.

Butterfingers also played only 3 songs as the time was nearing 12 midnight. They opened their set with Royal Jelly and after the song, Emmet smashed his old looking strat guitar onto the floor, accidently hitting his forehead in the process, leaving him with a slightly bleeing head. No worries though, it did not stop him at all. I forgot what was the second song, but they ended their set with The Chemistry Between Us, which was a superb. Damn, if they could only played more songs, but the time was already 11.55pm and there’s still OAG up next!

OAG were on stage preparing to perform but before they could start, there was an annoucement saying that the event has to end because the time is already 12 midnight. After a commotion and booing from the crowd, the event organisers complied (probably managed to discuss with the police) and allowed OAG to play only ONE song. Well, rules are rules, OAG played 60’s TV, brought the house down, and it was lights off after that.

As soon as the event ended, everyone quickly left the area. Me, I asked ah_mei to drive the car out of the carpark before the rush started. Besides the OAG drama at the end of the event, it was an all out fest! No sound check delays, superb sound system, nice weather, no thrash talking emcees, huge crowd (around 18,000 according to some online sources) and best of all, it’s FREE! Thanks to 8TV and Hotlink for sponsoring and organising such an event. This could well be the Rock The World for 2008! Can’t wait for the next one to come!


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  3. azam - November 14, 2008 / 9:44 am

    i didn’t knew that oag perform that night. my camera batt flat out time butterfingers perform. =)


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