KAMI The Concert (Part 2)

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Do check out Part 1 (http://www.lifeinkl.com/2008/10/24/kami-the-concert-part-1/) of the KAMI The Concert event coverage if you have missed it. This is part 2 and the final part, part 3 will be out real soon.

Helmy, one of the emcees, who lost his voice later in the night.

Kugiran Malaya took stage right after Koffin Kanser. Nas-T (Abu from the KAMI TV series and movie) was on stage, manning the DJ decks. They were also promoting the ‘Super Sunday’ t-shirts, featuring 2 lightning slashes, in pink and blue.

SevenCollar T-shirt was playing at this time and the crowd was huge. It was around 6pm and I decided to get some food for dinner at the stalls set up just outside the crowd area. SevenCollar are still in the progress of recording their new album, which, according to them, should be out real soon. When, I wonder.

A lot of ppl were loitering outside the area n the food stalls were packed. Mega business, the burger uncle was flipping burger patties like there was no tomorrow and the mak cik was wrapping the burgers as though as she was in a competition.

Besides the food stalls, there were the Hotlink booths where u can reload your Hotlink prepaid and also enter yourself in the lucky draw. The lucky draws were done on stage, a few times, in between band performances. Of course, there were the indie label clothings n the booths were packed as hell too. It was too packed for me to even get near n check out what was on for sale.

I wanted to get the super sunday tee but well, didn’t manage to get it. The kami tee, on the other hand, was sold out. The crowd was evidently much more now, and it continues to grow in size with people coming in from everywhere (and probably thanks to the Bukit Jalil LRT station stop).

Anyway, after venturing around the grounds, ah mei got an ice cream n we headed back to the stage front to capture more pictures. Several of the actors from the KAMI TV series and the movie were also brought on stage to give out a few words and also to present the following band.

Nas-T, with Liyana in the background

Dragon Red came on stage next and it was just moments before C-Loco step too close to the front of the stage and fell off the stage, together with one of the monitors. Luckily he wasn’t hurt and he got back on stage as soon as some of the crew helped him get out of the mess.

Projectors were screening live feedback on both sides of the stage

Hey, hey, right after Dragon Red played, the percussion band came on stage, with members coming from both the bands and the crew. They played for quite a while, and heck, I forgot to mention the pyrotechnics. Well, it was just jets of fire shooting out from the stage. There were 6 of the fire shooters. 3 on each side, placed right on the front of the stage. I was shooting somewhere near the shooters when suddenly it shot a jet of fire out, and I could feel the heat. Luckily I wasn’t hovering above the nozzle.

One of the Hotlink trucks drove into the media area (which is the place between the stage and the crowd) for a while, unloading some Hotlink crew, and then drove off.

Night came, and the whole crowd area was filled. It was packed! Viewing from the front, I couldn’t even see where the crowd ends. Madness!

Sarah (one of the emcees) throwing out Helmy’s hat

Pop Shuvit gave the night crowd and extra boost of rock and warmed them up for what was about to come. They played some old stuff, and new stuff, with Mara Bahaya being the crowd favorite.

It’s not all about rock or indie rock these days. Even indie kids can skank to reggae! A total change of beat, but the crowd was skanking all the way with the rhythms dished out by Pure Vibracion. At one point of their set, 3 girls came up the stage (from backstage, I think they were friends of the band or some thing) and started dancing and gyrating their bodies. And there was one guy waving a Malaysian flag and another one waving a Pure Vibracion flag which is in the 3 reggae color stripes. It was like a ‘Hari Keluarga’ on stage!

Juliana (Sophie)

As soon as Mookie came on stage, the girls in the crowd started going crazy and shouting for him on the top of their lungs. Looks like Mookie was the female favorite for this concert.

There was the media tent which was located just beside the control booth. As we had media passes, we could go in there to have some refreshments and snacks. A real good gesture from the event organisers. Kudos to 8TV and Monkey Bone!

Then comes one of the most anticipated band for the night, Bittersweet! The crowd was all set to go when Bittersweet came on stage. They had the longest set of the night, 7 or 8 songs if I’m not mistaken. They played their hit songs including Capital E, Get It On, Simone and the crowd favorite, Kucing Hitam. They also played the new single Burn Berlin Down which was well received by the crowd, and also a new song called Ceritera.

And to top it off, a Hari Raya song, Bittersweet style. I was smack in the middle of the crowd and everyone was singing to the tune of the Hari Raya song, word for word. The atmosphere was awesome. The whole venue was packed like sardines at this time. My rough estimate for the crowd size would be at least 10,000 people. It felt great just standing in the middle of the crowd!

For the rest of the night coverage, check out Part 3 (http://www.lifeinkl.com/2008/11/04/kami-the-concert-part-3/).


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