KAMI The Concert (Part 1)

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KAMI The Concert is the final leg of the KAMI The Gig nationwide tour and was held at the Bukit Jalil car park on the 18th of October 2008. It was supposed to start at 1.30pm and end at approximately 10:30pm.

ah_mei and I promptly arrived at the venue at 1.30pm after having a short lunch. Upon entering the car park, the car park attendant asked us whether we were attending the Global Peace event or the KAMI Concert. We were a bit confused as we didn’t knew what was the Global Peace thing about, so we just nonchalantly answered ‘KAMI’. We parked just outside the fenced area and the parking lot was just about 10% full at that time. There were quite a lot of people loitering around the venue area though.

As I had contacted Wan of Monkey Bone beforehand to acquire some media passes, we headed right inside the venue and there was this big guy from 8TV who greeted me. We met at the Black Cat Tattoo Studio previously while I was doing my lightning tattoo. He managed to hook me up with another guy who kindly gave us our media passes and also showed us to the front of the stage where we could take our photographs from. We couldn’t get onto the stage though. No worries, the front will do just fine!

So, the event kicked off at 2pm with Sara as the main emcee. The crowd was building up at this time as more and more people were coming in. Harmacy took the honors and became the first band of the day.

Jeopardize took stage next. It started to drizzle and rain (not that heavy) heavy enough that we had to shelter under the control tent (a mini one, not the main control tent) which was located just beside the fenced area. The rain did not bother the crowd one bit, they were all ready for it, getting wet and dancing to the tunes of Jeopardize. Me, I brought my rain jacket as it was the raining season and I had anticipated that it would rain some time during this event.

Estrella came up after Jeopardize and the rain subsided to a small drizzle which allowed me to get back to the front of the stage and start shooting with my Peleng fisheye lens. Liyana managed make the crowd happy with songs such as Ternyata, Stay and Some Space.


Plague of Happiness took stage after Estrella’s amazing performance. Brass instruments on stage! Although it was bright after the skies cleared up, the stage was still quite bland as the lights were not turn on yet. Viva La Punk!

Couple, the ever energetic and fun band was next. They managed to play their usual hits like Gotta Be My Gurl, Come Back Again and Now That I Can See.


Blind Tribe was the first band to come on stage and was the first band to feature dreadlocked band members.

Laila’s Lounge, famous for their hit song, Mawar Khayalan came up. They played Mawar Khayalan last, and was very well accepted by the crowd. The crowd roared and sang along with the band. One interesting thing was the vocalist, he had a real unique dance, which ah_mei said was like someone who was ‘high’.

They Will Kill Us All came up next, with the vocalist donning a real contrast red/black attire! The crowd was starting to increase in size and rocking to the beat at the same time. The temperature in the afternoon was cool, thanks to the rainfall which happened a few bands ago.

The Aggrobeats put on their usual ‘The Aggrobeats Show’ and managed to get the crowd wanting more, resulting in an encore with Don’t Let Me Down. Their Banana Song was kinda weird though.


Koffin Kanser came up and dreadlocked band members filled the stage. It didn’t look one bit reggae, it looked totally heavy (not hardcore though). The afternoon was filled with tunes of alternative rock, indie rock and jazz/lounge when Koffin Kanser totally blasted the afternoon off with a superb dose of heavy metal. All of a sudden, the media area was filled with photographers trying to snap photos of the band. Previously, there was only like 4 to 5 photographers walking around the front. Koffin Kanser did not only appeal to the photographers, the crowd liked them as well, moshing to the heavy beats.


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