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Finally after waiting for slightly more than 1 month, the Peleng 8mm/f3.5 circular fisheye lens has arrived!

My initial plan was to get the Sony SAL16F28 16mm/f2.8 fisheye lens which, according to the salesman at a camera shop in Sungei Wang was around RM2,400 – RM2,600. Not bad, considering the RRP is RM3,600. Before I managed to save that amount of money, I plonked whatever cash I had on the Minolta 50mm/f1.7.

Anyway, the idea of getting the fisheye lens was still lingering around. After some research on the internet, I came across a few other alternatives. They were the Sigma 15mm/f2.8, Zenitar 15mm/f2.8 and the Peleng 8mm/f3.5 circular fisheye

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