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The Sony Alpha Convention was held at the Le Meridien Hotel at KL Sentral over the weekend and over 400 participants attended the event.

There were talks and seminars, buffet lunches, free gifts, models and bikes, product showcase and competitions. And you could mingle with all the other Sony Alpha users and test out their gear and get poisoned yourself.

I will write another post to cover that event soon, but for now I will be talking about a new blog I created for the Blog and Win Competition held alongside the convention.

The theme of the blog is ‘My α Journey‘ and contestants needed to write at least 5 posts to be qualified to enter the competition.

So, the address of that very blog is http://alpha.lifeinkl.com and I custom made the banner just for that blog. My initial idea was just to have banner with an image but then after thinking over it during lunch time, the idea evolved and become some sort of image gallery thing with a nice movement effect which can be controlled by your mouse.

After 2 hours of programming in Flash ActionScript 3.0, it was done, all I had to do was to select some images to suit the banner, and uploaded everything to the new site. I also took a copy of the exisiting LifeInKL theme and did a couple of changes in the CSS file to make the theme become a black and orange one.

And so I had to write at least 5 posts but in the end, I managed to write 9 posts! That explained the lack of posts on this blog for the past week. But it was all good as I managed to get the consolation prize of a camera bag and an extra battery. The grand prize was a Sony Alpha A700 camera with a 18-250mm lens. But, well, at least I walked away with something.

Congratulations to Azrul, who won the grand prize. You can check out his blog here: http://azrin138.wordpress.com/


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