October 2008


Happy Halloween!!!

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As promised in the previous Peleng 8mm post (http://www.lifeinkl.com/2008/10/20/finally-got-my-peleng-8mmf35-fisheye-lens/), here is the post on the unboxing of the Peleng 8mm/f3.5 circular fisheye lens parcel which came in all the way from Russia (or maybe it’s from the US of A, considering the parcel box is from USPS) and Miri.


Do check out Part 1 (http://www.lifeinkl.com/2008/10/24/kami-the-concert-part-1/) of the KAMI The Concert event coverage if you have missed it. This is part 2 and the final part, part 3 will be out real soon.

Helmy, one of the emcees, who lost his voice later in the night.

Kugiran Malaya took stage right after Koffin Kanser. Nas-T (Abu from the KAMI TV series and movie) was on stage, manning the DJ decks. They were also promoting the ‘Super Sunday’ t-shirts, featuring 2 lightning slashes, in pink and blue.


KAMI The Concert is the final leg of the KAMI The Gig nationwide tour and was held at the Bukit Jalil car park on the 18th of October 2008. It was supposed to start at 1.30pm and end at approximately 10:30pm.

ah_mei and I promptly arrived at the venue at 1.30pm after having a short lunch. Upon entering the car park, the car park attendant asked us whether we were attending the Global Peace event or the KAMI Concert. We were a bit confused as


Hujan will be holding their first ever showcase at Planet Hollywood this coming Saturday at 3pm.

Cover charge is RM25 and includes one drink. Coco and Free Love will be the opening acts for the day. Be sure not to miss it!


Finally after waiting for slightly more than 1 month, the Peleng 8mm/f3.5 circular fisheye lens has arrived!

My initial plan was to get the Sony SAL16F28 16mm/f2.8 fisheye lens which, according to the salesman at a camera shop in Sungei Wang was around RM2,400 – RM2,600. Not bad, considering the RRP is RM3,600. Before I managed to save that amount of money, I plonked whatever cash I had on the Minolta 50mm/f1.7.

Anyway, the idea of getting the fisheye lens was still lingering around. After some research on the internet, I came across a few other alternatives. They were the Sigma 15mm/f2.8, Zenitar 15mm/f2.8 and the Peleng 8mm/f3.5 circular fisheye


It’s time to change to engine oil for my trusty Kancil as it has reached 5000km since the last oil change. The whole process was done by kumbang and pictures were taken by ah_mei. Words by kenchill.

You can save the RM15 off the labor costs and take some time to know your engine! All you need for a car service (or rather engine oil change) is just a new bottle of engine oil (Shell, Castrol, choose whatever that suits your taste and ask the shopkeeper for the suitable SAE rating for your car) and a new oil filter. If you are driving a local car, those items can be gotten at nearly any petrol station or kedai tayar.


Heads up folks! This is the event we have been waiting for. KAMI The Gig has been touring all around Malaysia in the past few months and have now came back to town for the finale! It will be held at the Bukit Jalil Car Park on the 18th of October from 12 noon till late night (midnight I suppose).


The Sony Alpha Convention was held at the Le Meridien Hotel at KL Sentral over the weekend and over 400 participants attended the event.

There were talks and seminars, buffet lunches, free gifts, models and bikes, product showcase and competitions. And you could mingle with all the other Sony Alpha users and test out their gear and get poisoned yourself.

I will write another post to cover that event soon, but for now I will be talking about a new blog I created for the Blog and Win Competition held alongside the convention.


First Pics on my A300

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It seems that kenchill was a lot faster to write about my new camera than I was… But since I’m so in luuurrveee with my new camera I just have to write about it too!

I got my camera early last week and kenchill, ah_mei and sitihawadingin and I went to the Section 14 bazaar Ramadan to test it out as well as buy some goodies for buka puasa.

XFM. Kami Tak Hot, Kami Cool!