Metallica Death Magnetic

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I managed to get the new album from Rock Corner, MidValley. Yes I know I am late a few days, but heck, I was looking for Tower Records in MidValley on the 15th to find out it was closed down.

Rock Corner will only have stock on the next day. I don’t go to MidValley daily so I only manage to obtain the album today. There are 3 versions of the album at Rock Corner. First, the Malaysian Edition CD which is going for RM29.90, the Standard Edition CD + T-shirt which is going for RM57.90 and lastly the Digipak version which is going for RM54.90.

I am not so sure why the Digipak version costs so much, maybe there’s the 3D lenticular poster that comes with it. I bought the Standard Edition CD, which comes in a nice rounded jewel case and a black Metallica t-shirt. The t-shirt is black in color and features the Metallica logo on the front with the words Death Magnetic below it. On the back of the neck, there’s the Death Magnetic logo. Inside the t-shirt, there’s a Universal logo. All the graphics are printed in metallica silver.

As you all have found out already, the booklet pages have a coffin cutout in the center of it, except for the back page. Nice effect indeed. The CD is just plain simple, as per the old Metallica CDs, just the Metallica logo on the top with the album title, and the song titles at the bottom of the CD. Neat and nice.


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