Update on Chrome

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Check out supaa_dry’s rant about it first here:

Tested it out quite extensively, some inline popups (ala Lightbox) won’t show up, but that’s about it (until I discover more at work). It is built on top of Web Kit, so it should display pages in the same way Safari displays it. You can ‘tear’ off a tab and drag it out of the main window to make the tab become an independent new window.

It has a built in DOM Inspector where you can use it to inspect your DOM elements, attributes and stylesheets. The downside is that, you can only INSPECT it, not MODIFY it on-the-fly (unlike in Firebug), a downside there, but still helpful for development.

Secondly it has a built in Javascript debugger and console which is very very handy for AJAX development.

A bummer is that it does not support add-ons at the moment and I am seeing all the ads again!! This why I will still keep on using Firefox because of Adblock! So, bye bye Chrome, see you again when you can block ads!!


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