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Is google ever going to stop coming up with new stuff? First they brought us the most amazing, canggih, user-friendly search engine (yes, I’m kinda biased haha), then came gmail and google documents.. not to mention google scholar, google news and a tonne of other stuff.

And now they’ve decided to give Internet Explorer (yeech!) and Mozilla Firefox (yay!) a run for their money. Yesterday google released the beta version of their newest project, the web browser called “Chrome”. It was quite a surprise that they released it as it was pretty hush-hush until they published a comic detailing the idea behind Chrome. Get it here.

I just downloaded Chrome about 30 mins ago, so I’ve not really played around with it, but I quite like the looks of it (then again I love google and everything they come up with)

It seems to be very minimalist – which is nice because your browser is not cluttered with a bunch of icons and menu items which can take up quite a bit of space. At first glance it sort of feels like firefox with a very minimal/simple theme.

According the the comic (and I’ve only read about 5 pages of it), Google’s intention was to come up with something based on what the consumers wanted. One of the cool features is that each tab has its own independent processes (isolated from the other tabs)  so that if one tab crashes, it’s not going to bring the whole browser down with it (don’t you HATE when that happens?).  This also means that when you close one tab, you’re entirely freeing up the memory used by that tab (just like closing a program). On conventional browsers, the tab may be closed but the underlying process might still be running – thus the memory is not properly freed up.

They also have a “Task Manager” from within Chrome, and you can see which tab is using the most memory and just close that tab. Pretty damn cool!

And seeing as this is a google product, it’s absolutely free! Also for all you software nerds out there, Chrome is open source, so you can actually open it up and tinker with the stuff under the hood. I haven’t gotten around to trying that, but I’m not really good with software so we’ll probably have to wait till Kenchill gets around to testing Chrome out.

Just on the surface, Chrome looks like a pretty cool program to have. Don’t delete your Firefox yet, cos this is only the Beta release and I’m sure they will be a lot of fixes that will be needed. Don’t be left behind without it – download it now! Viva la google revolucion – and soon one day they’ll take over every aspect of my life!

(btw I wanted to include a screenshot of Chrome, but I can’t upload the picture for some reason! I’ll post it up the minute I can – and no its NOT Chrome’s fault! )


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  2. az - September 12, 2008 / 1:08 am

    oo.. how cool.

    definitely on my “to check out” list. in fact my brother’s giving it a go right now.. so i’ll hold off for a month. if he finds it less than worthy for me, i won’t dl it! and i’ll be sure to let y’all know about it :)


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