The 2nd Rantai Merdeka (31 August 2008)

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The 2nd Rantai Merdeka is a three-day-festival which was held at Jaya One, just along Jalan University. It is a great arts festival fully packed with local arts, film, poetry and music.Although it is a three-day event, we only went for the last day as we wanted to see Estrella perform.

T-shirt booths are becoming the norm these days at local gigs and events. Besides selling t-shirts, they sell fashion accessories, buttons, shoes, and even cupcakes. All designed and produced by our own creative youngsters in Malaysia. Support “Buatan Malaysia”! There was also a booth selling LOMO (or LOMO style) cameras.

The event starts at about 10am daily, with bands playing from 2pm – 6pm, after which there were mini film screenings, and acoustic sessions start at around 8:30pm.

We managed to catch ODI, which was a story of a girl taking drugs, hallucinating about a character. She has her own share of problems, but she loves her sister. Unluckily, she dies in the end, due to drug overdose. Very melodramatic.

It was followed by a documentary about local underground music scene, aptly titled “Kami Yang Disyaki“. It has won the Best Documentary of 21st Malaysian Film Festival in 2008. I was looking for the video online so that I could link to it, but to no avail. One of the interviewees in the documentary was a Malay lady (suri rumah) who managed to gave a very solid response to ‘Underground music’. She said the Malaysian music scene should be encouraged to thrive and not suppressed by major music labels like EMI. She even continued to state that large music labels have made Malay music boring. The response she gave made the audience cheer and clap their hands in show of support.

Azmyl Yunor then spiced up the atmosphere with his folks songs. He not only made music via his guitar but also through his harmonicas. He had 3 harmonicas! He was also showing off a t-shirt with the words “Aku Bukan Azmyl Yunor“, which, according to him, was designed by his friend.

And so Rendra Zawawi promoted his CD. He played 5 songs including Si Bulat. At one point of his set, he invited Azmyl to join him, using his harmonica. Oh, by the way, Rendra is not Indian, as he told the crowd that someone approached him during one of his sets and told him that ‘Finally, there’s an Indian singer-songwriter’. He ended his set with Jalan-jalan Cari Kawan and asked if anybody wants to be friend with him, can add him in MySpace and Facebook. The links are provided below :).

When Estrella came up next, a whole bunch of people came out from nowhere and filled the area in front of the stage. There were a couple of Lomokids there as well, snapping photos with their LOMO cameras (I think). Stay, Take It Slow, Ternyata, Heaven and also a new song which is still untitled yet were played. They were supposed to play 5 songs but then crowd had asked for an encore (stau lagi, satu lagi!).

They fulfilled the crowd’s wishes with Foolish Senses. After the encore, the crowd was still not satisfied, prompting for another encore (satu lagi, satu lagi!!!!!). When you get that kind support, you know that you are in business and Estrella were kind enough to acknowledge the support and play one more song, Some Space. I don’t have to explain how good they were, considering they had a second encore.

Well, we have to wait for the next gig to see Estrella perform again. After the shout outs from the orgainisers of the event, we took a look at the Rantai Merdeka Art Exhibition which was located next to the stage.

There’s some awesome art (painting) and photography in the exhibition.

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