September 2008


Actually it’s probably more accurate to say that it conquered me. Anyway, back to the post!

Every hardworking KL-ite needs a holiday every once in a while. It’s 4 months since I started work and I thought, “heck, I need a break!” Except that instead of going to a nice beach resort somewhere, I decided to climb a mountain… Yeap, not a very smart idea.


This lens is long! It becomes even longer after you attach the hood. At this length, it looks like a telescope and it makes you feel that the zoom length is more than the actual 210mm.

After attaching the lens (up to you if you want to attach the hood), you wil have to hold your camera with both hands, with the left hand supporting the lens. You can hold the camera with only your right hand while previewing photos but definitely not while taking photos, this lens is heavy and long. It will really strain your right hand.


We just got back kumbang‘s lenses from Albert Cheah of Cheah Camera Repair. It was fast as well. He managed to service 2 of our lenses in 1 week. Not that we were rushing, we couldn’t collect it if he finished servicing them faster as we work 9-6 jobs and he closes shop at 7pm on weekdays. He is open on Saturdays from 10am – 5pm and closed on Sundays.

You can call him on his mobile at 012-6679756 or better still, visit his shop at Complex Mutiara, Jalan Ipoh. His shop is located on the 1st floor, Lot 15 (568-1-15). It’s just beside the Digicolor ( shop, once you see Digicolor (heck, they sell a lot of stuff at good prices!), head towards it and walk into the lorong. To get to Complex Mutiara, just use Jalan Kuching and head towards Jalan Ipoh. When you get to the roundabout


Sony Alpha A300

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Well, after a month I bought my Sony Alpha A200 (original post here:, Sony reduced the prices of the Alpha range by about RM300 for each model. It didn’t affect me that much as I got my A200 at a very reduced price. Anyway, after the price reduction, kumbang who was initially interested in getting an Alpha after I bought mine (and finding out that his old Minolta lenses could fit and work perfectly on the Alpha cameras) finally bought one. At a special price


We switched servers!!!

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This might not be noticeable at all, but we are now running on Shinjiru ( servers. Nice and smooth transfer of files and database. Sweet!

And yeah, we are still pretty busy as were are finalizing on one of the projects and starting another one as soon as this one finishes. So… will try to squeeze a few posts out on the coming days, taking some time off work.


Busy Days

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Quite a lot has happened during the past week but I didn’t manage to write anything on it due to some hectic schedule. I have been busy with some projects (still ongoing!!!), going for a touch up session for my tattoo, and going around town purchasing and collecting some new toys.

I will be quite occupied during the upcoming week as I have to follow up on a new project, renew my web hosting (transferring to another hosting provider), and well, write some posts!

As you might have noticed, ah_mei is also on a hiatus as she is currently busy on her knitting projects. She spends on average 8 to 12 hours a day knitting. Day, and night. She has her own knitting website, aptly titled Knit Life In KL which is already up and running at Do check it out as ah_mei has posted up a few articles already. Well, for starters, it is our first sister site!

So, anyway, as it is mandatory for every post to have some pictures (thanks to my brother who gave this suggestion), here’s a quick peek of what I managed to pick up last week while taking some time off.

Hot Toys Michael Scofield body

1:4 Master Replicas Stormtrooper Helmet

Voltron Gift Set


Metallica Death Magnetic

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I managed to get the new album from Rock Corner, MidValley. Yes I know I am late a few days, but heck, I was looking for Tower Records in MidValley on the 15th to find out it was closed down.

Rock Corner will only have stock on the next day. I don’t go to MidValley daily so I only manage to obtain the album today. There are 3 versions of the album at Rock Corner. First, the Malaysian Edition CD which is going for RM29.90, the Standard Edition CD + T-shirt which


The promotion for Metallica‘s latest album, Death Magnetic is showing its presence here in Malaysia as well! I spotted this poster at Tower Records recently and I was surprised! Heck.

The Malaysian Edition of the album will be selling for a mere RM29.90!! Incredibly cheap I should say.

The Standard Edition which includes a 3D poster will be selling for RM51.50.

What’s the difference between the Malaysian and Standard editions of the CD? Crap. I am speculating


In the previous post on How To Make Dreadlocks, we did not manage to get a clear view on how to create a nice rounded end for the dreadlock. So, we had to come up with another post in order to guide you fellow dreadlockers on how to achieve nice round ends. We will also try to explain in further detail on how to use the crochet hook to tighten up the dreadlock.

I will be working on one of my own dreadlocks this time around, on this particular dread which had a tip that wasn’t really tight since the beginning. I managed to tighten the end using a crochet hook a long time ago, but somehow it loosened up and looked like a rats tail instead. I beared with it for a couple of months and finally decided to make it nice and rounded once and for all, this time, recording the process on video.


First it was announced that the registration for the convention will be opened today at 9am. Alphanatics ( forumers jammed the forum from 8.30am up till 10.30am where George (Sony α Brand Manager) finally posted a message on the thread stating that registration will start at 9pm due to a typo.

Everyone went amok and went back to work without anymore distractions on the convention registration. Everyone could buka puasa happily until 9pm. At 8.55pm, George posted

XFM. Kami Tak Hot, Kami Cool!