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Here it comes again, last year Malaysia was 50 years old, now Malaysia is 51 years old (and I am also 1 year older)! The Merdeka spirit this year was somehow dampened by both the political scenario and also the Anwar sodomy allegations + the Permatang Pauh elections. We celebrated Merdeka in a low key fashion at kumbang‘s house and we were too tired the next morning to attend the Merdeka celebrations at Dataran Merderka.

Anyhow, we wish Malaysia and its citizens a prosperous year ahead (gaji naik lah!!!).

Merdeka fireworks at The Curve as viewed from 1Utama rooftop carpark

For more information on the history of Merdeka, please visit


This event was held at Zouk. We arrived at 2:45pm but there were still a whole bunch of people waiting outside. As usual, Malaysian standard time was in effect so we waited outside as well.

Be sure to give way to the Perodua Xfresh street surfers if you see them on the road. They are giving great support to our local music scene. As patriotic as you can see they already stick Malaysia flag way before Merdeka day.

Met our friend, Haniff, and he told us that this is the first time their gig got delayed but will be starting soon. There”s some booth selling T-shirt as usual, but this time we also saw some monster-like toys selling booth. Too bad for kenchill as he

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