We went to Ruums to attend the Levis 501 Live Unbuttoned event right after the Xfresh X-gig (read more here: in Zouk. We saw the media registration desk and registered ourselves to get some media passes. After registration, the PR girls gave us some freebies and VIP tags instead of just mere media passes.

At the entrance, there were a couple of Levi’s jeans creatively hung on the wall, where the photographers will snap photos of attendees. Kenchill didn’t expect this to be an actual ‘formal’ event as most of the time we just attend gigs :P

We arrived at 7pm and the event has not started. Malaysia timing in effect!!! The event won’t start till around 8:30pm.

There was this custom jeans activity going on in the dining area of Ruums during the event. Designers were spilling paint, air brushing, sewing, and penning the jeans to ‘customize’ the jeans. Point Blanc was there doing some customization.

As a VIP, we were given free flow of drinks, either beer or coke. After getting our first dose of drinks from the bar upstairs, the event started at around 8:30pm with the “I’m A Musician” singing competitions.

Before the result was announced, we can enjoy some local music first. First to perform was Mooky, the lead singer from One Buck Short. Yes, only Mooky alone.

Then there’s catwalk of models in new Levi’s 501 jeans designs while we were getting another drink.

At arond 9:30pm, it was turn for Hujan to perform and the dance area filled up almost immediately. For more details on the Hujan set, head over to

The emcee, VJ Joey G, was very surprised that the crowd left right after Hujan finished performing.

The night then continued with Point Blanc performing. Together on stage with him was IVI and Uncle Real. IVI was wearing this real slinky dress which I think was not suitable for her. It exposed her arms a bit too much and her skirt was a tad too short. Point Blance did sang Ipoh Mali but the highlight of the set was his beatboxing, with IVI and Uncle Real on the vocals. Good stuff. Despite the dance floor being empty (with a few photographers at the side taking photos), 2 girls came onto the dancefloor midway during the performance and danced till the end.

Right after Point Blanc’s performance, the winners for the I’m A Musician competition was announced and the winner was Kenneth.

The night did not end there as the party started with LapSap, comprimising of DJ Xu and DJ Blink commanding the DJ booth. At that time, I think that half of the attendees already went home.

Although the event started off at Malaysian standard time (later than announced), they managed to speed up everything and reduced the amount of filler from the emcee, reducing the time between performances. There were no delays whatsoever in between performances, two thumbs up in that area!

The wide variety of music sang and played did not bore the crowd (although half the attendees came just for Hujan and left after that) but it seemed that most of the invited VIPs did not come for the music (maybe just because they had free passes?). Free flow drinks are awesome and I hope that future event organisers will emulate this and provide free flow drinks to both the media pass holders and VIPs.


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