So, at around 9:45pm the emcee announced that Hujan was coming up next and the dance area which was empty from the beginning of the event was immediately filled up.

No prizes for guessing, it was obviously filled up with Hujan fans. I was there to, packing up my things at the VIP area upstairs and rushing downstairs to join the crowd at the dance floor. Band members started coming out with AG and Dukegong setting up their effects pedals and their guitars. Heck, Dukegong has a really nice shiny effects pedal cluster (for a bass player that is). And Dukegong has cut off his dreadlocks! Well, as soon as he spotted me at the front of the stage, he told me that he kept his dreadlocks at home, to be attached back next time when he decided to get dreaded again.

Noh (wearing a UK Hujan tee) casually greeted the crowded, made a quick mention about their debut album and also thanked the sponsors for the event. Hujan did not waste any time soundchecking (which was good) and blasted directly into Jiwa Kelajuan (not my favorite song, but heck, the lyrics are stuck in my head nonetheless).

The crowd did not need any warming up as everyone was singing along with Noh while moving their bodies along. Several dudes in the center were warming up their bodies in case any moshing happened (which will, soon).

Hujan then continued their set with Ku Mahu Kau Tahu and then into their new song, Dugaannya, which was no doubt well received by the crowd. Ahmoi Chantek soon followed with Aku Scandal where I was moshing in the smallish pit with my camera held up high. It was around this time that AG threw out a pick and Ah_mei managed to catch it! Check out the pick and also our black Hujan picks here

Bila Aku Sudah Tiada slowed things down but the sing along grew louder with everyone singing along. AG managed to strut the sidewalk for the solo Oranje Casino is ook een uitstekend iDeal Casino waar u snel geld kunst storten zonder dat uw bank gegevens worden bewaard. of the song. I went back to the front of the stage when Hujan was playing Lonely Soldier Boy and when they entered Pagi Yang Gelap, I was back in the pit, this time, with ah_mei holding the camera, in case things went bad. As usual, Pagi Yang Gelap will be the last song in their set, which is always followed up by Empayarmu.

Their set ended with Empayarmu and I felt really satisfied (everyone as well?). A real solid performance (which in part thanks to the sound system which was set up and tuned really well) by Hujan, quenching my thirst after not seeing them for nearly 2 months (2 months? Or 3 months?). The dance floor quickly cleared up as most of the Hujan fans left the venue (well, they were here just Hujan…). The dance floor was then empty, with just a few photographers standing by to snap photos.

Managed to catch Noh and Tya downstairs as I was leaving the venue. Had a short conversation with them and went off for dinner.

Stay tuned for the full report on the Levi”s 501 Unbuttoned launch event.


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