Pesta Malam Indonesia 2 (Review)

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The much awaited Pesta Malam Indonesia 2 concert was held on the 16th of August at Mont Kiara Equestrian park and it was a blast! It featured a predominantly Indonesian (doh!) lineup with Slank, Sheila on 7, Peterpan, Samsons, Dewi-Dewi and Ungu as well as our own hometown acts, Hujan and Meet Uncle Hussain.  (If you had read our previous post, you should know this by now!)

It turns out the the reason for hosting this big concert was that the 17th of August is Indonesia’s independence day. The sponsors seemed to have gone all out to create a big indonesian bash that they even chartered buses from KL Sentral to Mont Kiara to shuttle back and forth fans that don’t have their own means of transportation.

The security was pretty tight too, tighter than the Sunburst festival which was held at the same place in March. Despite the rain, they wouldn’t let us (kumbang and I went) bring in our umbrellas. They also made people take off any metal spikes, metal belts or anything dangerous looking. Even mineral water bottles weren’t allowed in. Also, because it was raining we decided not to bring a camera, so unfortunately we don’t have any pictures to post!!! T___T

The tickets were selling for RM53, which I thought was a fair price, given the amount of big name bands that were performing as well as the quality of the venue (I love outdoor concerts and Mont Kiara Equestrian park is fantastic). Unfortunately we arrived pretty late so we missed both the local acts (boohoo!!) as well as Dewi-dewi. And dewi-dewi are really hot too.. which is such a waste that we didn’t get to see them! We did manage to catch the second half of Samsons which was really good. I must admit that I don’t know most of their songs, but the performance was really good. Both Kumbang and I were very impressed by how tight the whole band was and by the singer’s vocal ability. Despite the majority of the crowd being really tough and somewhat intimidating looking Indonesians, everyone really enjoyed “Kenangan Terindah”, which is probably Samsons’ most famous song and is also super damn jiwang.

After Samsons was Sheila on 7. I was quite surprised that they didn’t play a later set, seeing as they’re probably the biggest name there. Sheila on 7 was the main reason I wanted to go for this event as kenchill and I had already seen Peterpan earlier this year. And boy oh boy was Sheila on 7 good. They definitely did not disappoint! The only complain I have is that they didn’t play enough of their old stuff (they mainly played their newer songs). I was really hoping for Khaylila’s Song, Sephia and Seberapa Pantas but unfortunately they didn’t play those songs. Oh well, I suppose that’s reason enough for me to catch them again in the future. Duta (the singer) was great at keeping the crowd going and kept talking to them in a weird indonesian dialect. We didn’t understand any of it, but apparently it must’ve been funny because the whole crowd erupted in laughter. The only dark stain of the performance was that a fight started between some of the fans and Duta stopped his performance to break up fight. “Dengar muzik ga perlu berhentam! (You don’t need to fight to listen to music) ” he kept saying. Other than that, it was a great set.

There was quite a lengthy break before Ungu came onto the stage. Kumbang and I decided to explore the tents set up. If you remember from Sunburst, there was a Tuborg tent set up in the middle and it was suposed to be a sort of a higher class lounge area. This time they had the same thing set up, except that it was Sampoerna! So there were people just chilling in there and smoking kretek, enjoying the music. They also sold Teh Botol (really popular Indonesian drink)!! And it was cheap too – only RM1 for a packet.

Ungu finally came on stage and they had a pretty good start as well. Unfortunately, halfway through the set, there were technical problems with the sound and you could barely hear Pasha’s voice. The boys then got off the stage for a bit while the technicians tried to fix the problem, but Pasha switched mics and stayed on and sang by himself. The guy has a pretty amazing voice. Apparently before this he had won an Azan competition.. and I can see why! Anyway, they resumed their set after the problems were fixed and Pasha really kept the crowd going. He kept going on about how everyone should be proud that “Indonesia merdeka, and Malaysia juga merdeka, tetapi bagaimana pula dengan saudara saudara kita di seluruh dunia?” He also adviced the crowd to work hard and make a good name for Indonesia overseas and at some point we kinda felt that we were at some ceramah! But it was all good because Ungu played well and even included their big hit “Demi Waktu”. One thing that we weren’t too happy about was that their set was cut short because of the technical glitch, and they weren’t allowed to compensate by playing longer because of time constraints. It’s really quite sad to see a potentially great event get spoiled by petty things like technical glitches. I wish they had conducted a proper sound check first! Boo!

After Ungu was Peterpan, and they started off their set with “Hari yang cerah untuk jiwa yang sepi” from their third album. Kumbang has been a Peterpan fan for a long time and was really excited to see them live, but unfortunately they didn’t play much of their old songs. Most of their songs were from the third album. Just like at their concert a few months ago, Ariel kept the crowd pumped by asking them if they could “lanjut!”. One thing that sucked was that again fights broke out among the fans and this time the rowdy bunch had to be escorted away from the field. At one point, to the great delight of all the girls there, Ariel took off his shirt – he’s pretty fit looking, I suppose.  Meh!

The saddest part of the concert was when Ariel announced that Peterpan was breaking up (WTH!!) and that hopefully they would come back in the future under a different name. And with that he sang their final song which was suitably “Mungkin Nanti”. Sigh. We were just glad that we managed to catch their last performance.

After Peterpan’s set we were contemplating waiting for Slank, but the crowd started getting rowdy again and we were already tired from standing for 5-6 hours so we decided to leave. Sorry to all the Slankers out there!

Overall, it was a pretty good concert (minus the rowdy crowd and stupid technical problems). The sponsors managed to create a lively Indonesian atmosphere complete with Indonesian products too! The lineup was great and here’s to hoping that there’ll be a Pesta Malam Indonesia 3 next year. Hopefully they’ll bring other bands like Radja, Nidji, Dewa 19 and Mulan Jameela too!


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