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Heck, Avril Lavigne’s concert which was suppose to be held on the 29th of August was cancelled by The Arts, Cultural and Heritage Ministry.

Reason? Because it was unsuitable for Malaysian culture. What is so unsuitable? If Avril Lavigne is unsuitable, then why not ban all western movies, ban MTV and Channel [V] as well. If the music and lyrics are unsuitable, let’s look back on our own local music and gigs. Remember the ‘Black Metal’ saga which happened quite a number of years ago? Remember Paul’s Place? Was that a publicity stunt? Why not get the whole act together and start clamping down on local music gigs as well eh? Even Soilwork and Napalm Death came to perform in Malaysia without any problems. Avril Lavigne is unsuitable?

XFM. Kami Tak Hot, Kami Cool!