Silent Scenery has an EP to launch and Lightcraft has an album to launch (they released their EP quite some time back, last year I think), so why not launch them both together, considering that both of the bands are playing quite similar music. So, when Silent Scenery decided to launch their EP, Lightcraft got together with them and held their album launch at the same event. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone eh. More like getting to witness more bands with 1 ticket purchase.

The event was held at the Central Market Annexe on the 2nd of August at 7pm. Yes, the same time and date for the MTV Asia Awards, which was held at The Arena of Stars, Genting. Considering that the tickets, or shall we call them passes, are by invitation only (or you could win them by participating in various contents held by the sponsors), most of us who were not in the media or who did not win or take part in any of those competitions did not have the chance to attend the event.

Well, you can drive all the way up to Genting to try your luck, but then, why not just come to The Annexe, and purchase the tickets with the money you saved from the reduced petrol usage. If you are attending any events at Central Market/The Annexe which spans a couple of hours, it is better to park at the carpark opposite of Central Market, it’s cheaper. And it’s just opposite the road, not too far of a walk.

The event was scheduled to start at 7pm but sound checks were still going on. There weren’t many people at the venue at that time, but more started to trickle in between 7.30pm and 8.30pm. The wait was alright as there were FREE muffins to go around! The muffins were small in size, but there was no limit to muffins per person, so, there you go, you do the math. Band merchandise were also on sale, Lightcraft‘s album, Losing Northern Lights was selling for RM25 and Silent Scenery‘s EP, When We Escape From The Moonlight was going for RM15. I couldn’t resist but to get both the album and the EP. Besides that, Lightcraft‘s EP was on sale there as well, but I didn’t purchase it since I already bought it.

Finally at 8.45pm, everyone (well, except the band members and organisers) were forced to get out of the hall and enter again to validate their tickets. Weird move, but considering the audience size, it was ok.

The emcee for the event was a young lady (ok, girl) in a nice miniskirt and black leggings. She did a really good job in both introducing the bands and also providing filler (which was not boring or lame, some emcees can get really irritating with lame jokes). First band of the night was Leaders On A Sunday. They gave the show a good start and helped build the atmosphere (both sonically and visually).

As the mood started to grow, Inspirative took stage. They were invited to play by Silent Scenery and flew all the way in from Bangkok, Thailand. Personally, I really liked their music, not too loud, not too noisy, not too slow, everything was just there, just nice, a mix of everything (well, guitar effects, noise, solo, samples, laptop-assisted sounds, the mix) but nothing too overdone. You know, some post-rock/experimental bands just overuse the samples/noise/effects. There was a band member using the laptop during the first half of their set, and then became the vocalist for the second half, nice stuff.

Silent Scenery was up next and they played a really solid and entertaining set with Kit messing with his effects pedals/knobs and also knocking his glasses off onto the floor. They managed to play 5 songs, if I am not mistaken, from their EP. Their songs flowed right into each other, without any breaks, except in between their second and third song. A cello took centre stage as well, but sadly, Kit’s guitar amp was tuned louder than the cello, drowning the cello out. If the guitar amp’s volume were tuned just slightly softer, I think the cello could be heard more clearly.

Up next was The Lurks. They were the odd one out tonight as they had lyrics for their songs! Anyway, no harm there, as The Lurks did not bore the crowd. A change of tone was kinda refreshing there. Heck, the guitarist did not rely much on effects pedals, but the drummer did. He hooked up an electric snare and also a drum looping machine to lash out more complex and unique beats.

The night ended with Lightcraft, with an encore. They managed to dish out 6 songs that night. Performance of the night would go to Lightcraft, well executed set and all their instruments were tuned real great, not too loud or too soft. Besides the usual effects pedal madness, there was a keyboard, an Apple laptop (maybe an M-audio pad, not too sure), a cello and also a violin! Instrument overdose, but a good one.

All in all, a great show albeit a little bit delay at the start with the sound checks, but in between bands, there were no long delays (long delays suck!!!). The venue was not overpacked but the hall was filled up just nice, and there was just enough space to move about. Everyone could sit down to enjoy both the relaxing sounds of the music and to soak up the ambience of the venue.

The venue was nicely decorated with candles, colorful dried leaves, balloons, pillows and rugs. Lighting was soft, and some of the lights were dimming on and off, providing both a soft and sleepy mood. I was there waiting for the lights to dim on so that I can take photos without relying on the flash. I prefer flash-less photography, preserving the mood of the picture (well, maybe because I don’t have an external flashgun which I could diffuse and bounce it off the wall, or DIY my own diffuser, my bad).

The event ended slightly past midnight of which the area around Central Market was all closed down, and the only place you could go was either the mamak or to Jalan P. Ramlee, or the Asian Heritage Row (or other Jalans) for some clubbing or pubbing. While walking back to my car, I bumped into Inspirative (the Thai band, in case you forgot/didn’t read), who were catching a cab back to Kit’s (of Silent Scenery) place, where they will be spending the night. As there were 6 of them, they needed 2 cabs for their trip and are being charged RM50 for the trip. Since Kit’s place was conveniently situated along the way home, I offered to take 2 of them there, then the other 4 could get into just 1 cab. There you go, save RM50. And for the track record, the band members I sent home were Nop and Si. I might call you guys when I head to Bangkok one day. You owe me one dudes.

Band MySpace profiles:
Silent Scenery:
Leaders on a Sunday:
The Lurks:

Took a lot of photographs with my Minolta 50mm lens and I couldn’t fit all of them in this post, so feel free to check out the gallery below. All photos are edited by ah_mei.


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  1. ian - August 6, 2008 / 5:59 pm

    hey dude! thanks for the comments. well that post was mainly for guys who just dont have the time to go for gigs. and well, i honestly dont most of the time. so was pissed about how i cant hear about a band apart from going for their gig. promotion la, basically. and general lack of publicity about music here. are you going for the spacerock festival? maybe could catch you there.


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