Got it! Butterfingers KEMBALI album

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Finally, after a couple of delays, I managed to get the album! Saw the new post on the Butterfingers blog yesterday and I quickly rush out today to get this. Paid the full price of RM29.90 though, and no poster (anyways, am long past the poster boy days, now my room walls are clean).

First round of listening was done in car, on the way home. Thanks to their continuous gigging in the past few months to promote the album, there are about 4 songs which most Butterfans have already heard. There’s the infamous song with the syair intro titled Joget Global, Maharani (which could be downloaded free a couple of weeks back, who cares now? Go buy the album!), Terus Terang and the first single to be released from the album, 1000 Tahun (Mahu Hidup). As I have heard those songs numerous times already, I skipped them, trying to get a grasp of the new songs.

Overall, I can’t say much after the first listening, it is kinda raw, and one of the songs do sound like a Christmas jingle/song. This album is definitely not your 1.2 Milligrams or Butter Worth Pushful grunge style, a bit more towards the Selamat Tinggal Dunia (STD, anyone?) style, but with not so dark lyrics.

Anyway, I will write a full review on the album after I listen it to a few hundred times more.

Oh, where to buy it? Here’s the track listing (from the post KEMBALI – cd distribution off their blog)

Klang Valley
1. Fantasy Music Center (Sunway Pyramid)
2. Muzik Ekpres (Shah Alam)
3. Victoria Music Center (Sq Wang)
4. Victoria Music Center (BSC)
5. Victoria Music (Amcorp Mall)
6. Rock Corner (1 U)
7. Rock Corner (Mid Valley)
8. Rock Corner (The Garden)
9. Rock Corner (Bangsar Village)
10. Rock Corner (The Curve)

Southern Malaysia
1. Inverno Music Station (Melaka Makota Parade)
2. Yee Hai (Melaka Makota Parade)
3. Pusat Music Swee Suat (Seremban Terminal 1)
4. Oriental Records (Kluang)
5. Eastern Music Center (Johor Bahru)

Northern Malaysia
1. Far East Records (Ipoh)
2. Friendly Records (Ipoh)
3. Artist Gallery (Penang Gurney Plaza)

East Coast

1. Fairy Music Center (Kuantan)
2. Exceed Music Centre (Kuantan)
3. Kemaman Music Center (Kemaman)
4. Muzikal Suara Emas (Kota Bahru)

East Malaysia
Not very sure cause we don’t have any direct retailer there.

If you can’t wait to read my review, then head to the forum and read the reviews there,


2 Responses to “Got it! Butterfingers KEMBALI album”

  1. Suffian - August 4, 2008 / 12:40 pm

    Sweet. I’ve been looking forward to this album. Thank God they got Rock Corner in Bangsar. Otherwise I’d have to haul ass to BB.

  2. kenchill - August 4, 2008 / 5:23 pm

    Heh, I also bought mine from Bangsar, at the Village.


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