August 2008



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Here it comes again, last year Malaysia was 50 years old, now Malaysia is 51 years old (and I am also 1 year older)! The Merdeka spirit this year was somehow dampened by both the political scenario and also the Anwar sodomy allegations + the Permatang Pauh elections. We celebrated Merdeka in a low key fashion at kumbang‘s house and we were too tired the next morning to attend the Merdeka celebrations at Dataran Merderka.

Anyhow, we wish Malaysia and its citizens a prosperous year ahead (gaji naik lah!!!).

Merdeka fireworks at The Curve as viewed from 1Utama rooftop carpark

For more information on the history of Merdeka, please visit


This event was held at Zouk. We arrived at 2:45pm but there were still a whole bunch of people waiting outside. As usual, Malaysian standard time was in effect so we waited outside as well.

Be sure to give way to the Perodua Xfresh street surfers if you see them on the road. They are giving great support to our local music scene. As patriotic as you can see they already stick Malaysia flag way before Merdeka day.

Met our friend, Haniff, and he told us that this is the first time their gig got delayed but will be starting soon. There”s some booth selling T-shirt as usual, but this time we also saw some monster-like toys selling booth. Too bad for kenchill as he


We went to Ruums to attend the Levis 501 Live Unbuttoned event right after the Xfresh X-gig (read more here: in Zouk. We saw the media registration desk and registered ourselves to get some media passes. After registration, the PR girls gave us some freebies and VIP tags instead of just mere media passes.


Malaysia Today

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In objection with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission‘s (MCMC) decision to block Malaysia Today, here’s the alternative link to the website:

I really hope this won’t be a trend in Malaysia or else we will end up like China. Anyway, there’s really no point in this simple blocking, there’s so many other ways to access a website (or anything) on the internet.

One good way is to replace your current DNS with OpenDNS ( It is as easy as going to your TCP/IP settings (on Windows XP) and changing the DNS addresses there. Or if you want a more permanent method on your local network, you can change the DNS addresses on the router itself (most likely in the WAN settings page).

Besides offering faster DNS lookup times, they also have typo correction and adult site filtering. Just go check the website out.

Catch up on Malaysian news online:

Malaysia Today:

The Malaysian Insider:


So, at around 9:45pm the emcee announced that Hujan was coming up next and the dance area which was empty from the beginning of the event was immediately filled up.

No prizes for guessing, it was obviously filled up with Hujan fans. I was there to, packing up my things at the VIP area upstairs and rushing downstairs to join the crowd at the dance floor. Band members started coming out with AG and Dukegong setting up their effects pedals and their guitars. Heck, Dukegong has a really nice shiny effects pedal cluster (for a bass player that is). And Dukegong has cut off


Hujan Picks

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Tada! These are guitar picks with the Hujan logo on it. They are hard picks, black in color with the words ‘Hujan’ embossed on the top in gold color, similar to their official black/yellow t-shirts.


Xfresh X-Gig

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Xfresh X-Gig is going to be held at Zouk this 23rd August and it’s free! So bring your friends and join the fun as Love Me Butch, SevenCollar T-Shirt, The Times, and Butterfingers will be playing!

Venue: Zouk, KL
Date: 23rd August 2008
Time: 2pm – 6pm
Tickets: FREE

More information:


The much awaited Pesta Malam Indonesia 2 concert was held on the 16th of August at Mont Kiara Equestrian park and it was a blast! It featured a predominantly Indonesian (doh!) lineup with Slank, Sheila on 7, Peterpan, Samsons, Dewi-Dewi and Ungu as well as our own hometown acts, Hujan and Meet Uncle Hussain.  (If you had read our previous post, you should know this by now!)


Hin Leong Tire Shop

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Every year or so (or maybe every month or so if you”re a drifter) there comes the time when you need to change your tires. Tires are pretty damn important because they”re the only part of the car actually touching the ground. Pretty much everythin

g a car does – from braking, steering and accelerating – relies on the tires. So even if you had a lancer evo engine inside your Wira, if your tires have no grip whatsoever, your car would lose a race to a bicycle.


Heck, Avril Lavigne’s concert which was suppose to be held on the 29th of August was cancelled by The Arts, Cultural and Heritage Ministry.

Reason? Because it was unsuitable for Malaysian culture. What is so unsuitable? If Avril Lavigne is unsuitable, then why not ban all western movies, ban MTV and Channel [V] as well. If the music and lyrics are unsuitable, let’s look back on our own local music and gigs. Remember the ‘Black Metal’ saga which happened quite a number of years ago? Remember Paul’s Place? Was that a publicity stunt? Why not get the whole act together and start clamping down on local music gigs as well eh? Even Soilwork and Napalm Death came to perform in Malaysia without any problems. Avril Lavigne is unsuitable?

XFM. Kami Tak Hot, Kami Cool!