Butterfingers KEMBALI album updates

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Latest development (no, not on our country’s political issue) on Butterfinger’s latest album, KEMBALI which is YET to be seen at stores considering the fact that it was SUPPOSED to be released on the 6th of July (060708). Anyway, here’s some excerpts.

The delay is due to some technical difficulties we were facing during the process of mixing (bug spotted), few changes on the album cover, solving our digital rights issues and reorganize the way to distribute it BIG in mass market.
Other major causes are the issues on fuel price (kinda hard to compromise the consumers price between us & retailers), some local silly stuff you hate to know happened in this country where we don’t want it to affect the album release direct or indirectly and our vocalist unfortunately was admitted to the hospital due to appendicitis.

I checked the Rock Corner at MidValley today and the lady there told me that they will be getting it by the 28th of July. Next trip there will be next Monday then.

More details from the post:

1. Available in all major retailers such as Rock Corner, Music Valley, Victoria, Salem power?? or etc) selected outlet in all states across Malaysia including East Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.
Price is RM25.90-29.90 depend on which store you go.
You should get a 10% discount standard procedure.
Free sticker inside.
Free poster while stocks last.

2. For those who wanna buy online, we are still using the semi-auto system, standard procedure by bank in to our Maybank account:-
Penerbitan Butterworld
email your details like name, address,phone number,proof of making payment etc…to

3.CD price online RM20.00 (10% discount included and free sticker inside)
Please include charge for Nationwide Courier Service RM10.00 West Malaysia
and RM15.00 Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan.
Total RM30.00 West Malaysia and RM35 East Malaysia including Labuan.

Read the full blog post: http://butterfingerstheband.blogspot.com/2008/07/butterfingers-are-proud-to-present-k-e.html


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  1. fuad - August 1, 2008 / 7:37 pm


    i heard butterfingers will perform at planet hollywood…..

    damn good..!!!

    launch & showcase the new album


    24 august 08

    just RM35…!!!



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