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So, ah_mei has been visiting the local Rock Corner for nearly everyday the past week, looking for the new Butterfingers album, titled KEMBALI, but to no avail. Even the girl who has been staffing the counter could even recognize ah_mei from a mile away. Butterfingers announced that KEMBALI would be released on 6th July, so I thought they would distribute the album to the stores a few days before that date.

Somehow, things didn’t go quite right and the date slipped. Anyway, here’s the latest update from their blog (excerpt from k e m b a l i):

k e m b a l i will be distributed by Universal Music to all retailers around Malaysia including Singapore and Brunei.
Price RM 29.90 without 10% discount. (dont buy anything more then that)
Scheduled to hit the store on 21st July, first 1000 might go home with a free poster.
Dont go now, be patience until we publish the retailers list , 21 st onwards will do.!!

Hmm, RM29.90 eh? From some of their earlier posts in the forum, they were saying that they would skip any middleman and distribute the album themselves, via the internet, mail order, etc and would price the album at RM15. Hmm, so now the distribution is via Universal Music and the price has increased by nearly 100%? Well, fuel hike affects everything, no (btw, did you guys watched the debated last night?) ?

Anyhow, I don’t mind paying RM29.90 and I will keep on supporting Butterfingers even though I still prefer them playing their old grungier stuff at live events. More kick, more moshable. But well, we can’t dictate what they should play and what direction they should head towards. Change is a part of life. So let’s all hope the change that Butterfingers are going through are all for the better!

I guess I will wait a few more days before going to Rock Corner again. The 21st it should be!

Official blog: http://butterfingerstheband.blogspot.com/

Oh and you can contact them at contact@butterfingers.com.my


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