KL Indie Fest 08 Review (Part II)

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If you haven’t read the first part, do read it first (KL Indie Fest 08 Review Part I).

After dinner, we headed back to KL Tower and managed to get a quick ride up by using the free shuttle service. And yes, as mentioned before, they are training to be Takumi even when driving uphill. If you are walking up to KL Tower via the road, please walk on the pathway and NOT on the road. At the speeds those shuttle vans are going, they either have to avoid you or knock into you, there’s just no time to brake to a sudden stop.

When we reached the venue grounds, we could hear The Times playing. Hmm, shouldn’t it be One Buck Short playing (according to the schedule I managed to check out earlier that day)? Anyway, when we finally got into the concert area, their set ended. So, I hung around waiting for the next band, expecting One Buck Short to turn up, but then, according to the emcees, OAG will be coming up next.

And yes OAG was next, but Radhi was nowhere to be seen. The band members warmed up the audience and as soon as Radhi hit the stage, the night started to take shape. The mood was there and the atmosphere was just right. Without the heat and glare from the sun, all attention was focused on the stage. OAG’s set started out with Generasiku and then continued on with the likes of Slumber and Merdayka (Merdeka).

The Pilgrims took the stage by storm that night and gave out a solid performance which was well appreciated by the crowd. On their last song, they managed to sing part of Anarchy in the UK (by Sex Pistols) before continuing into the last song.

After the emcees cracked some lame jokes about being ‘one buck short’ to take a bus, it’s One Buck Short‘s turn to perform. According to their lead singer, Mooky, they had apparently just arrived in town from Ipoh (was it Ipoh?) but are ready to rock again despite being tired and worn out. They managed to play quite a number of songs including Kelibat Korupsi, Khayalan Masa and Fast Times. There was one song which got all the girls shouting and singing along but I’m not sure which song was it because I was busy snapping photos (I could notice that because my ear drums were suddenly pierced by their screams when the song started).

Well then, after the emcee managed to get one buck to take a bus, she went to Brickfields and yes, Republic of Brickfields are up next. As usual, ROB played a solid set consisting of Ganjaran, Emansipasi, Orang Planet, and ALALALALA Long (which got the crowd singing along). In the middle of their set, Aru (lead singer) got the G power chord and started singing ‘Bila aku sudah tiada…’ prompting some cheers of ‘Fuck Hujan’ from the crowd. Heck, looks like the ‘Fuck Hujan’ and ‘Don’t support homophobic bands’ vibes has reached KL as well. This is how Malaysia functions I guess, when someone gets famous, there are bound to be loads of haters. But anyhow, I’m still a Rainger and a Hujan fan, there’s no denying it.

Finally, the emcee managed to return from Brickfields, and guess who she met there? Yes, Uncle Hussain. Meet Uncle Hussain were the crowd darlings as usual, with lots of fans around, sing alongs were no problems for songs like Pari-pari, La la la Kerjalah, and the best sing along, Lagu Untukmu. I think they only played 3 songs that night.

After MUH performed, my legs needed some rest as I was standing real straight all the while to snap photos and we headed downstairs to take seat. The Aggrobeats played a 30 minute set followed by The A.C.A.B. and then The Official. There was a projector screen set up inside of the entrance which provides another alternative view to concert goers. Although it was dimly lit, it was a nice gesture of the event management crew.

When we returned to the concert area, Roots n Boots was up next, with the lead singer carrying a Malaysia flag on stage with him. Apparently it was his 23rd birthday, but the emcee wasn’t digging it, suspecting that it was his 32nd birthday instead. Anyhow, birthday boy delivered a powerful mini speech before starting to perform. And then, there was 2 Malaysia flags going around, 1 on stage, 1 within the crowd. For their last song, they performed the crowd favorite, Made in Malaysia (which is one of my favs as well).

So, it was time for the last act of the night, Bittersweet. It seems like Pijie (the lead singer) was one of the emcee’s classmates last time. Bittersweet managed to close the night perfectly, playing a barrage of songs which includes their new song Burn Berlin Down, and other songs from their debut album such as Simone and Kucing Hitam. Heck, at one time, there was like 6 dudes who climbed up on stage, prompting the security to kick them (literally) off the stage. Hah!!

So, there you go, the KL Indie Fest 08 was official over after Kucing Hitam and it was good night folks.

The free shuttle service was already closed as it was 1:25am when the event finished. Everyone had to walk their way down the winding road and to their respective transportation vehicles.


Overall, this was a really great event, thanks to the bands who performed and also the event management crew who did a great effort to ensure that there were NO DELAYS what-so-ever. Yes, NO DELAYS. Even with so many bands playing, they managed to end the event ON TIME at 1:25am, 5 minutes earlier than the speculated 1:30am.

Besides the good time management, the sound system was tuned really good with all the instruments sounding equally loud and not overwhelming the vocals. The vocals were rock solid and could be clearly heard. I talked about the mist-spraying-fans earlier in the first part of this review, and yes, they were a life saver. Without that, I can’t imagine how hot and stuffy the whole place would be like. It was very easy to get a breather and a fresh breeze of air after a hot and sweaty mosh. Just head towards the nearest fan, get a refresher, and then get back into the pit.

The size of the venue was just nice for the amount of people that came. The only problem was the control tent. The coned shape of the tent roofs blocked the view of the stage from the back. Which meant that you had to stand at the sides to have a view at the stage if you are positioned behind the tent.

Oh, one one last thing. The ticket booth. It was positioned so far from the concert entrance. There was the Crazeecausa booth right beside the entrance but it would be better to replace it with the ticketing booth. I had to walk all the way to the ticket booth at the KL Tower entrance after finding out I couldn’t purchase my tickets at the concert entrance (and then walk all the way back).

All right, that’s enough of bitching, and thanks for reading. It’s a wrap!

Enjoy the photographs people.


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  1. $weE+ 666 - July 15, 2008 / 11:13 am

    hey, the pilgrims played first. then one buck short! i was there… rite in front of the stage… hehehe… enjoy the photos taken by my humble lense! great review btw! kipidap!

  2. kenchill - July 16, 2008 / 7:12 pm

    Ooops, got messed up with The A.C.A.B. and The Pilgrims. Thanks for pointing that out.

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