KL Indie Fest ’08 Review (Part I)

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20 bands and 10 hours of performances for only RM25. Where else can you get a better deal? This year’s KL Indie Fest was held at the terrace of the KL Tower. It was quite a change from the normal type of venues such as clubs (Zouk, Ruums, etc) or the Dewan MCPA. This event was proudly organised by Crazeecausa.

The terrace was quite a unique place as it is long (146m in length and about 25m in width, more info here) and the stage was placed right at the end of it, while the KL Tower is right at the beginning of the terrace. Performers from the stage were treated to quite a view, being able to see the crowd on the ground and then KL Tower rising to the top of the sky.

The event was actually held over a 3 day period, and we only attended the last day for the band performances and also due to the fact that we are working during the first 2 days. Band performances were scheduled to kick off at 2pm but we only managed to reach the venue at about 2.40pm and the bands haven’t started performing yet. After purchasing tickets and getting a free bottle of mineral water from a very secluded ticket booth (it would be better to replace the Crazeecausa tent at the terrace entrance with the ticket booth), They Will Kill Us All started to perform.

There were quite a lot of booths erected along the road at the KL Tower entrance (not the lower entrance, but at the after the winding hill), and most of it were taken up by local clothing/independant labels and the rest were food stalls selling all kinds of food from kuih-muih to burgers to nuggets and canned drinks.

At the terrace, mist spraying fans (I don’t know the real term for that kinda fan) were setup along both sides, providing well needed temperature control as well as keeping the place moisturised. Well done folks, I couldn’t have imagined how hot (it was already freaking hot in the afternoon sun) the place would be without those fans. The fountain/water pool which was housed in the center of the terrace was covered with black plywood as to avoid rubbish being thrown into it (and probably people going into it as well).

There was a delay in the TWKUA set, and after about 20 minutes, the problem was fixed at they started rocking again. The mood wasn’t really there yet as it was quite hot (the sunshine was the problem, the temperature was okay) and the crowd was still trickling in. With the venue being at KL Tower, there were of course tourists (both local and foreigners) who were visiting KL Tower, of which, some even bought tickets and attended the event!

The event had to go on anyway, and SIDS were up next. Following them where Julie’s Love who had not been playing live for many many years and this event was some sort of a reunion for them. At that time, I saw a TV3 guy walking around with his Sony video camera but what caught my eye was the band schedule he was looking at. I managed to get a quick capture of it after talking to him and found out that Butterfingers had cancelled their performance (well, at that time I didn’t know Emmet was warded)! It was disappointing, but then the bands scheduled to play during the second half of the event managed to overturn the feeling.

There was a short break after Pinhead‘s set and we managed to get some burgers to eat while waiting for supaa_dry and his girl mate to arrive. Skudap Skudip‘s performance after the break was the highlight for the afternoon, providing the crowd to some skanking ska and reggae tunes. On top of that, they looked very smart as well, with the whole band donning white buttoned-up shirts and black slacks.

Halfway through the performances, there were some BASE jumpers schedule to jump from the top of the tower. 2 jumps were made that afternoon and no accidents happened.

Stonesgarden provided us some heavy metal beats and after Dead Mushroom‘s grunge set, it was time for dinner break (and prayers). The trip down the winding round of KL Tower was fast and quick thanks to the free shuttle service. Yes, it’s free. But the more exciting part of it is that the drivers look like they are training to be the next Takumi, but instead of driving cars, they are driving vans (the one we sat was a Mercedes van).

The afternoon set wasn’t really that ‘happening’ but it did set the mood and prepare the crowd for what is going to be a really great night. So stay tuned for part 2!!!

Update > Read part 2 here: http://www.lifeinkl.com/2008/07/09/kl-indie-fest-08-review-part-ii/


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