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20 bands and 10 hours of performances for only RM25. Where else can you get a better deal? This year’s KL Indie Fest was held at the terrace of the KL Tower. It was quite a change from the normal type of venues such as clubs (Zouk, Ruums, etc) or the Dewan MCPA. This event was proudly organised by Crazeecausa.

The terrace was quite a unique place as it is long (146m in length and about 25m in width, more info here) and the stage was placed right at the end of it, while the KL Tower is right at the beginning of the terrace. Performers from the stage were treated to quite a view, being able to see the crowd on the ground and then KL Tower rising to the top of the sky.

XFM. Kami Tak Hot, Kami Cool!