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Hey folks, it’s 06/07/08 today. That’s right, the release date for Butterfinger’s latest album, Kembali!

Well, before that, let’s talk about the few days before today. There was a the Campur Chart gig at Laundry Bar on Thursday night where Butterfingers were supposed to perform and also the KL Indie Fest (it was really awesome, will post a 2 part post on it soon, so many bands and pictures!) yesterday where they were also schedule to play at around 3:30pm. Both their performances had to be canceled due to the fact that Emmet was warded on Thursday afternoon because he had to get his appendix removed.

So, besides the hospitalisation of Emmet (well, he is already discharged), the album release is still on track, and according to their blog, it looks like the album will be available on a physical CD format. I still prefer to purchase a CD rather than a download, although I still rip the tracks and listen it on my computer/MP3 player most of the time. The only time I actually use the CD

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